Unmarried daughter: as like as two peas, I am pregnant. The three parents are different.

With the development of the times, more and more people have changed their economy and ideology to a great extent. They bid farewell to the traditional feudal ideology, and more and more people accept more open ideas.

for example, in the view of the older generation, it is a very shameful behavior if a woman who has not married gets pregnant first. In today’s society, the status quo of unmarried pregnancy is more and more, a wedding letter in many people’s eyes seems not so important. But for their daughter’s unmarried pregnancy, parents not only blame, but also care and worry.

the unmarried daughters of three different families sent the same sentence “I’m pregnant” to their parents. As a result, the reactions of the three parents were different, only love was the same.

when I saw such a topic in the post bar, I sent a wechat to my parents saying that I was pregnant. Let’s see their reaction. From time to time, many people’s pictures and words appeared in the comment area, some criticized, some saw through the lies, some worried about their daughter, and so on.

one comment I remember quite clearly is that the netizen sent a message to his father saying that he was pregnant and needed 10000 yuan. When her father saw the news, he directly replied to her, “can you ask for money in this way?” It’s also very straightforward, but it’s mentioned in the text that her father still gave her money.

I love you more than I love myself. No matter which parents, even if they know their children are lying, they are still willing to let you feel the joy of victory. This is the eternal love of parents.

in one’s life, only one’s own parents will always make plans for their children. They don’t want to return money. When their children encounter difficulties, they will not only do their best to help, but also worry and worry. However, one mother heard that her daughter was pregnant before marriage, and her words were full of worry.

my friend Xixi is 32 years old. She has been with her boyfriend for five years, but she still hasn’t decided to get married. Recently, Xixi told me that she was pregnant and her mother.

seeing the screenshot of Xi Xi and her mother, I was moved. “Mom, I’m pregnant.” “really?” “It’s true!” “How’s your father? How are you? Take it home. ” “Mom, aren’t you angry?” “You’re old enough to get married.” It’s inevitable for a daughter to get pregnant and have children, but at that moment, there are still many mothers who are worried and happy about their daughter.

no matter how much suffering and grievances you have suffered outside, home is always a warm harbor for children. In an ordinary family, if I hear my daughter’s sentence “I’m pregnant”, I think there will be many reactions, but what will never change is parents’ care.

I saw a contribution on the social platform. The content is like this: a netizen told her father that she was pregnant, but her boyfriend broke up with her. When she was in despair, she confessed to her father. She thought she would be scolded by her father, but what warmed her heart was that her father tolerated her and let her go home first. Everything was settled by her parents.

home is only with parents, and harbor is only with warmth. “I’m pregnant” may be just a joke, but it can get parents’ great love and tolerance.

in this world, the purest is the love between parents and children. You raise me, I raise you, care for each other, and spend a long life.

when children are still in primary school, parents can lead their children to read more books, communicate with their children and pass on some knowledge about sex education. Don’t be ashamed to speak.

junior and senior high school students are at the fastest stage of physical and psychological development. Children of this age are prone to impulse and are relatively impatient. What parents need to teach them is to let them learn to have a sense of responsibility and self-control.

after the age of 18, children are basically small adults. They will have their own opinions and their own plans for life. At this time, parents should learn to let their children work hard according to their own ideas and give advice when necessary.

Jingma parenting: no matter how the times become and how open people’s minds are, the only constant thing in the world will be parents’ love for their children. Therefore, as a child, we should learn to be responsible for our own life, learn to be considerate of our parents, and do not impulsively and capriciously do things that make our parents worried. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this