Upstream fashion autumn hand guard, are you ready?

Gradually into the early autumn, hands become more and more dry, rough, dull, live off like a pair of “Grandma’s hands.”. Most of the time, we are willing to invest a lot of money in the care of facial skin, in pursuit of a delicate and fair face, but neglect our hard-working hands day and night. But hand is the second face of people, hand beauty talent is more beautiful, so today we learn how to love our hands. < / P > < p > when doing housework, people’s hands will directly contact with detergent, soap and other alkaline substances, and the hand skin is easy to be corroded and become rough. When washing dishes, washing clothes and contacting chemical products, be sure to prepare a pair of gloves to avoid direct contact between hands and detergent. After washing your hands, don’t forget to apply moisturizing hand cream. < / P > < p > many people like to wash their hands with soap. They think it is cleaner. However, the skin of our hands is weakly acidic. Most of the soap is alkaline, and some soap is very alkaline. So if you use this soap to wash your hands, it will make your hands more dry and rough. Therefore, the fairies had better choose a mild hand sanitizer to wash their hands. < / P > < p > cutin accumulation will cause dark hands, not only rough feeling, but also affect the absorption of hand cream. You can choose a mild sanding product to remove the aged cuticle and make your hands smooth. When exfoliating, just massage gently in circles, and the joint is the key. It doesn’t have to be too frequent, once or twice a month.

hand mask is like a mask. It can relieve the dry and water shortage of your hands in a short time, penetrate the skin, stimulate the skin’s metabolism balance mechanism, and make the skin of your hands smooth and tender. In addition to the well-known cream like hand mask, fairies can also use glove type hand mask, which can be directly applied to the hand, which can quickly replenish nutrition to the skin. 2