Upstream fashion the beginning of school is about to start, the student party can not miss the great collection of cheap goods!

After a while, it will be the annual school season! Are the pig girls of the student party going to buy a lot of daily necessities that need to be used after school starts? Ah, it takes a lot of money to be a little fairy. I’ll take a look at those super cheap things that you love to use. You can save a lot of money on the way to beauty! Jimei people remember to shop around, where cheap to buy where!

the eyebrow pencil with kage color is a very thin eyebrow pencil. One end is a small brush with just good hardness, and the other is a very fine eyebrow pencil that can rotate out the core. The color number is quite rich. Jimei can choose according to their hair color. The average price is 10 yuan / branch, even the new novice white artist can not be wrong. ~

banana flour cake, Germany open shelf brand essence, 30 yuan powder, a little powder, fine powder, cheap fighter! Student party election is right! Dry skin and oil skin can be entered, instant skin grinding 100 points ~

cool to chicken skin eraser! Don’t allow you not to know! This plain and unadorned light of domestic products is specially used for fighting chicken skin. After taking a bath every day, apply a layer of urea cream, and then apply it on the fresh-keeping film for 10-20 minutes. After removing the film, massage and absorb it.

cheap hair care essential oil, as long as 9 yuan of another domestic light! The feeling of using it is similar to the super hot Moroccan essential oil on the Internet. The biggest bug is that its head is not designed by pressing. It needs to be squeezed out into the hand. But what kind of bicycle does it need at such a low price!

Thailand local brand 4u2 makeup remover, affordable version of fighter! The color is light blue, very mild, no alcohol. Face is enough, but try to use special eye lip makeup remover for eyes to avoid hot eyes? Colorful hair mask to save you! This is a non steaming hair film, rich in amino acids, can go deep into the hair, improve hair problems such as irritability, dryness and so on. Hair mask is the essential good thing for a delicate pig girl? This name is not a little inexplicable joy, hee hee. It is a Concealer pen. When it is used to cover the eyebrow, it is a good artifact that does not need a cotton swab to wipe. It can also be used to draw it on the lower eyelid. Naturally lying silkworm can get ~

OK, after checking so many cheap and useful things, I wonder if you have the impulse to open the orange software? Quickly according to their own needs to have a favorite with it ~ remember Oh, shopping goods than three ha! I wish Jimei can save a lot of money on the way to beauty! Your name will always exist on the Internet