Uric acid 500, this value is very embarrassed, should take medicine or diet control? The doctor gives you advice

Uric acid 500, I believe this is the uric acid value of many people with hyperuricemia. To be honest, this value is very embarrassing. Whether it should be lowered by taking medicine or through diet and lifestyle intervention is a problem

under normal circumstances, the blood uric acid concentration in our body should not exceed 420. This 420 is the upper limit of uric acid concentration in our body. You can imagine it as the roof of a house. If the blood uric acid measured on two consecutive fasting days is more than 420, then we can diagnose hyperuricemia, that is, the roof is broken. You can imagine If the roof of a room is broken, it will inevitably leak air and rain, so it is the same to our body. If the uric acid exceeds the normal value of 420 for a long time, it may cause harm to our body.

first of all, it may cause gout attack. When the uric acid in our body exceeds the standard for a long time, the formation of urate crystals may be caused by the supersaturation of blood uric acid. These urate crystals can be deposited in many parts of our body, especially in joints and far away from the heart. For example, the most common gout prone toe is the load-bearing joint of the distal limb. These urate crystals, like silent killers, are always waiting for opportunities to cause gout attacks. Generally, the inducements are often seen in violent exercise, sudden cold, trauma and overeating.

renal calculi and abnormal renal function. If our body is in a state of excessive uric acid for a long time, it is possible to form uric acid stones in our kidneys. Now there are data statistics, uric acid stones account for about 10% of all kidney stone patients. Small stones falling from the kidney to the ureter may cause colic and urinary tract infection. When more and more stones are formed, it may affect the function of the kidney, resulting in gouty nephropathy and even renal failure. Many people with abnormal uric acid often have dysuria in the excretion of uric acid. If stones are formed again, it will seriously affect the excretion function of the kidney and aggravate the abnormal situation of uric acid.

hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease risk are all associated with high uric acid. Now, studies have shown that every 60% increase in uric acid in our body will increase the risk of hypertension by 1.4 times, the risk of diabetes will increase by 17%, leading to the death risk of patients with coronary heart disease increased by 12%.

Why is uric acid 500 embarrassing? Because we have already mentioned that if uric acid is in the state of exceeding the standard for a long time, urate crystals may be formed. What is the possibility? Some studies have shown that if uric acid exceeds 540, there will be about 5% probability of forming urate crystal. If the value of 540 is kept for more than 5 years for a long time, the probability of forming urate crystal will reach 20%.

if the level of serum uric acid is 480-520 for a long time, then the number of people with gout in 1000 people per year is 8.4; if the blood uric acid exceeds 540, between 540 and 600, 43.2 people have gout in 1000 people every year. Compared with 8.4 and 43.2, the change is huge, which shows that the uric acid value of 540 is relatively dangerous, It is easy to induce the attack of gout.

generally speaking, for asymptomatic patients with hyperuricemia, the value of uric acid 540 is defined as a standard line, or a high line, for lowering uric acid through drugs. This value is very embarrassing. This value is more than 80 than the standard value of 420. In fact, it is also much higher than the standard value of 420. It has broken the roof and is likely to cause harm to the body, but the distance is 540 The need for drugs to reduce uric acid value is still 40, when the value is improper, positive or not, it is not embarrassing!

in particular, some asymptomatic hyperuricemia patients are very worried that a long period of time at this value will induce gout attacks. They want to reduce uric acid through drugs, but they are afraid that there is no problem. After taking drugs to reduce uric acid, gout will recur. For such an embarrassing situation, in China, hyperuricemia and gout treatment will be carried out in 2019 In the treatment guide, we give a more clear suggestion. Let’s learn about it together:

oif the patient is asymptomatic hyperuricemia, there is no hypertension, abnormal lipid metabolism, diabetes, obesity, stroke, cardiac insufficiency, uric acid lithiasis, and renal function damage. If the uric acid exceeds 540, it needs to be treated with drugs to reduce uric acid, and the standard value should be 420.

– if the patient is asymptomatic with hyperuricemia and has the above physical abnormalities, and the uric acid is more than 480, it needs to be treated with drugs to reduce uric acid. The standard value of uric acid should be controlled at 360.

ofor patients with gout, if the number of gout attacks is not more than twice a year, there are gout stone formation, chronic gouty arthritis, kidney stone, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, stroke, ischemic heart disease, heart failure or onset age less than 40 years old, uric acid more than 480, they should be treated with drugs In the treatment of lowering uric acid, uric acid should be controlled at about 360.

– for gout patients, if the uric acid exceeds 420, the patients with gout should be treated with drugs to reduce uric acid, and the uric acid should be controlled at 300.

● according to the above criteria, we can get a relatively clear answer. If the patient has never had gout, belongs to asymptomatic hyperuricemia patients, without special abnormal basic diseases, then uric acid at 500 value, mainly through lifestyle and diet intervention to control uric acid, regular review of uric acid value can be; if asymptomatic hyperuricemia patients, uric acid at 500, but with dyslipidemia We should take medicine to reduce uric acid. For patients with gout, uric acid 500 is only 20% higher than 480, but it should also be treated with drugs to reduce uric acid.

in fact, for asymptomatic patients with hyperuricemia, the best way to adopt is to intervene through diet and lifestyle, instead of taking medicine. Although some patients have abnormal body fat, according to the guidelines, if the uric acid exceeds 480, drug treatment should be taken to reduce uric acid, but there are not many cases of excessive uric acid 500, which can give patients opportunities 。

if patients can strictly control their diet, adhere to scientific and reasonable exercise, work and rest regularly as far as possible, do not stay up late, do not drink, do not drink more fructose drinks, through such intervention, uric acid can be reduced by 10% to 18%, the average can be about 60-90, then for patients with uric acid value of 500, uric acid can be reduced If it is controlled between 440 and 410, even if the uric acid is controlled to 440 or so, it is still beyond the standard, so it is not necessary to control uric acid through drugs. As long as you regularly review your uric acid and adhere to the correct diet and life.

the uric acid value is at 500, which is slightly embarrassing. Compared with the normal value, there are more exceeding the standard, and it is not particularly high when compared with the standard for lowering uric acid with drugs. However, because of this embarrassment, patients are given the opportunity to actively change their diet and living habits and drink scientifically and reasonably Food, scientific and reasonable exercise, try to control uric acid below 500, try to reach 420 values, then you can not use drugs to reduce acid, only need regular review, so it does not smell?