Uric acid “cleaning agent” has been in place, never thought it was it, easy to drive away the disease

Introduction: high uric acid has become a hot topic in this society. People often talk about it after tea, especially for those elderly people. There are too many people suffering from this disease. We are not in the right age now, but we must understand the adverse factors of this disease, so as to avoid the persecution of high uric acid when we are old. If you often have high uric acid phenomenon, it will definitely damage kidney problems.

drinks like this are good for the elderly. Most people don’t like this kind of drink, but for young people, they suffer a lot. Carbonated drinks are just an acidic substance. People with high uric acid have already lost their balance. If they drink carbonated drinks again, it will only make the situation worse.

most people’s ideal life state is to eat kebabs and drink beer every day, which is really a good life. But if you face this kind of social intercourse every day, uric acid will certainly gradually rise, and in the evening when adding supper, still eat some big fish and meat, is the most harmful to the body, so we must try to avoid.

compared with the people of the past, people nowadays have reduced their physical labor too much, and most of the work can be done by sitting in the office. This leads to the phenomenon of too little exercise and too high uric acid. Exercise can promote excretion and has a good effect on uric acid, but people who do not exercise will definitely increase uric acid.

people with high uric acid must avoid staying up late, because the best time for organ detoxification is at night. The garbage in the blood will be washed and filtered into the urine. Staying up late will reduce the efficiency of uric acid excretion, so we should arrange time reasonably, go to bed early and get up early.

Nowadays, many people don’t pay attention to their diet. They like fish, shrimp and seafood. In daily life, we must avoid this kind of food, eat more fruits and vegetables, is not good for the human body? The nutrition of vegetables is more easily absorbed by everyone and alleviates the problem of high uric acid.

water can maintain the normal operation of our body functions, so when drinking water, it is suggested that we add more uric acid reducing ingredients to achieve better results. Lanmao’s record: when chicory, gardenia, mulberry leaves and other ingredients are soaked in water together, the effect on reducing uric acid is good. This is the snack formula often used by the old Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

the production process of these tea bags is complicated, there are too many precautions and taboos, which is not suitable for personal configuration, so it is necessary to recommend the choice Finished tea bag.

conclusion: uric acid “cleaning agent” has been in place, never thought it was it, easy to drive away the disease. It is good for the health of the body to find out the hidden dangers, make some countermeasures, and gradually develop good habits in life, which can stabilize the level of uric acid.