Uric acid high body sends out three signals, add it in water, uric acid will be obedient

Introduction: high uric acid is often caused by bad diet and life. Irregular diet, long-term consumption of food containing high purine, make endocrine imbalance in the body, absorb too much greasy substances, increase the burden on the stomach, unable to digest normally, lead to stick to the gastric mucosa, increase the uric acid value, serious harm to health, so in peacetime patients with high uric acid, we must pay attention to light diet, will slowly achieve the effect of uric acid decline Fruit.

when we are at work or doing housework, we always feel backache, accompanied by pain. We can only relax after standing up for half a day. It is the high level of uric acid in our body. If you want to relieve the symptoms of low back acid, you need more exercise. Exercise can make the blood flow, make the coagulated blood flow smoothly, promote the normal discharge of harmful substances accumulated in the body, and achieve stable uric acid. In the diet, it is mainly light, so as to relieve the symptoms of low back acid.

when going to the toilet, how to urinate is not clean. This is the phenomenon that urine is always in the bladder caused by high uric acid. Sometimes after going to the toilet, there is urine on the pants, which is very embarrassing. If this situation is very serious, it is necessary to timely check whether there are other diseases, kidney stones will also lead to urine, urinary tract infection, will make the situation more and more serious.

in daily life, joint swelling and pain are very disturbing to the body, and it is also very difficult to walk. This is because eating too much food with high purine content usually hinders the metabolic function, resulting in joint swelling and pain. In normal times, we must not eat animal liver, seafood or drink, which will cause the increase of uric acid. Can strengthen exercise, enhance immunity, to alleviate joint swelling and pain is also very helpful.

our life is getting better and better. There are all kinds of snacks, but for people with high uric acid, it’s better to eat less foods with high purine content, especially seafood, hot pot and other foods. These foods contain synthetic agents, which are harmful to human body. It is good for human body to arrange your diet reasonably and eat more nutritious fruits and vegetables. Do not eat too much spicy food, will stimulate the gastric mucosa, not easy to digest.

people with high uric acid should drink as little as possible, and it’s better not to drink, because alcohol will stop in the blood when it enters the body, causing the whole blood to be occupied by the alcohol content, damaging the renal function, making the urine can’t be discharged in time in the bladder, causing urinary system infection, leading to increased uric acid value and causing hyperuricemia. At ordinary times, we must drink less alcohol. Alcohol paralyzes nerves and produces nausea and vomiting, which is unbearable to the human body.

develop a good habit of exercising every day. Exercise can not only enhance our immunity, but also make the blood flow in the whole body, promote the formation of metabolism in the body, and timely discharge the excess harmful substances hidden in the body. Adhere to half an hour of exercise every day, can discharge sweat, so that pores open, at this time do not rush to take a bath, you can drink some water, supplement the lack of water in the body, promote the increase of urine, excretion of uric acid.

our life is good, but we also need to control our own diet. If our diet has formed a regular pattern, it is difficult for us to keep uric acid. According to Li Shizhen, chicory, gardenia, mulberry leaves, Lily and other ingredients can reduce the burden on the kidney. Soak these ingredients together to drink, promote the operation of Qi and blood, significantly improve the level of uric acid. Chicory: chicory can regulate the imbalance of human endocrine, promote blood flow, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and digest the food accumulated in the body. Chicory can also play a good role in reducing uric acid, conditioning uric acid content, make its uric acid value more stable.

Gardenia: Gardenia can help the recovery of damaged cells. It can also effectively reduce uric acid and blood lipid. Gardenia can also regulate endocrine disorders, girls drink with gardenia water, but also detoxification beauty, skin more smooth, is a good food.

mulberry leaf: mulberry leaf can protect liver, nourish liver and reduce uric acid. Mulberry leaf is not only the food of silkworm baby, but also a good food. It can promote metabolism, timely discharge harmful substances accumulated in the body, and also play the role of diuresis and detumescence.

people are very busy at ordinary times. It’s not difficult to collect these ingredients, but there is not enough time to make them, and it’s not very convenient to carry them. So choose this exquisite tea bag, brew a cup every day, reduce the uric acid content, make uric acid more stable.

conclusion: life is changing, people’s diet is also changing, but a healthy body is raised, not to waste, friends with high uric acid must pay attention to diet, and that is to insist on exercise every day, to increase their immunity, so that uric acid will be obedient. 08/16/2020