Uric acid high still eat these three kinds of food? Adhere to “2 more and 1 less” every day, and keep away from high uric acid easily

With the great enrichment of material life, people have more choices for food. But most of the so-called “gourmet” have to go through several processes, adding a lot of things to make the food more delicious. We always know that natural food without additives is the best for the human body. But if we eat a lot of additives that are no longer purely natural food, our body will get sick, which is the source of high uric acid. To be exact, it is caused by unhealthy diet or eating high protein and purine. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, you must take care of your mouth! It’s no exaggeration to say that I personally prefer mushroom food, especially Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus eryngii, which are especially tasty for cooking and hot pot. It’s OK to eat a little of these occasionally, but not often. In fact, fungus food can help us lose weight to a certain extent, because the calories are not very high, and can also bring us many other nutrients. But we must eat it in moderation. Although it is delicious, we should take a long-term view. After all, eating too much is not good. In all kinds of fungus food, the purine value of Lentinus edodes is the highest. Therefore, no matter how much you like to eat, in order to be healthy, you must eat it appropriately! < / P > < p > in fact, in our daily life, we often see people keeping pet dogs, but rarely see shops that eat dog meat. This is because of the impact of many relevant regulations, so that the number of people who eat dog meat has dropped sharply, but not all of them have stopped eating. There are still a few dog meat shops. But the purine value in dog meat is very high. There are more than 145 grams of purine in 100 grams of dog meat. So if we eat dog meat, it will lead to increased uric acid in our body, which is not conducive to health. Dogs are the most loyal animals and our best friends. Each of us should take good care of them instead of eating them cruelly. Moreover, eating dog meat is not conducive to our health. With the continuous enrichment of our daily life, there are more and more processed legumes. Legumes are known for their high protein content, so many people often eat them in order to supplement their protein. But processed food, processed food actually can’t meet our original requirements for it. In addition, soy processing food also contains high purine, the more you eat, the higher the purine value you take in. Purine can destroy the balance of uric acid in our body and damage the kidney to a certain extent, thus endangering our health. < / P > < p > If a person is addicted to alcohol, it is certain that there is something wrong with his body. Drinking is harmful to our health, especially in the late night. All the organs in our body have already rested. If you are still drinking alcohol and forcing your body to work, your body must not be able to afford it. Excessive alcohol will continue to stimulate the kidney, when beyond the tolerance of the kidney, uric acid will not be discharged, uric acid imbalance, not discharged uric acid will be deposited in our body, forming hyperuricemia. Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, food tonic is also called food therapy, which uses the characteristics of food to regulate our body. It can also help us to achieve the goal of reducing uric acid, and at the same time can give our body nutrition. There is an old saying in China that “food is the most important thing for people”. Therefore, it is easier for many people to start from eating. We can make full use of common ingredients to reduce uric acid and add it to our daily diet. For example, chicory Yellow Gardenia fermentation liquid is a good water to reduce uric acid. It is composed of Gardenia jasminoides, Pueraria lobata, chicory, and corn whiskers. It is not soaked in water. What’s more, it is formed by adding probiotics. It contains rich Lactuca sativa and inulin in root tubers. It has a good diuretic effect, which can help us discharge excess uric acid in the body and make the body uric acid up to To balance. The best way to reduce uric acid is to excrete excess uric acid through urine. Therefore, we can drink water diuretic at the same time, add a few herbs to the water to make tea. Although the process is relatively long, as long as we adhere to it, the effect will be good. An old Chinese medicine doctor once recommended a tea bag for lowering uric acid. Now I recommend it to you. Chicory, Pueraria, Gardenia jasminoides, lilies, these ingredients made into small tea bags, drink every day, protect our kidneys. < / P > < p > if you feel troublesome and don’t want to make your own tea bags, you can have a look at the following one. It’s a prepared tea bag. We only need to take out a small bag every day and soak it with boiling water for more than ten minutes, then we can drink it directly. It’s convenient and the effect is good. Conclusion: if our uric acid content is too high, it is not good for our health. No matter what age we are, we should make sure that we are healthy. In fact, for modern society, as long as we take good care of our own mouth, do not eat too much, eat a healthy diet, to a large extent, will be far away from many diseases. It is not unreasonable that “illness comes from the mouth”. So remember to insist on 2 more and 1 less every day, away from high uric acid! Focus