Uric acid in the body “exceeds the standard”, sleeping at night often has 4 manifestations, be careful of gout near

The dissolution of uric acid crystals is generally related to temperature. Therefore, many patients with gout caused by high uric acid will have obvious symptoms aggravating when the temperature changes. Before going to bed, they can obviously feel the decrease of external temperature. After falling asleep, the body temperature will further drop, which will lead to uric acid crystallization and a large amount of accumulation After sleeping, patients with gout caused by high uric acid are prone to sudden attacks and severe symptoms. < / P > < p > the body is always active in the daytime, so the water in the synovial fluid always exists, and it is better to protect the joint. However, at night, after entering sleep, the frequency of human activity has been significantly reduced, and the free water in joint synovial fluid will be rapidly lost. At this time, it often leads to the obvious increase of hydrochloric acid crystal, so patients will have Severe gout attack. When the uric acid concentration in the kidney is higher than that in the kidney, it will cause the kidney to accumulate the uric acid at night, especially when the uric acid is high, it will cause the kidney to accumulate the uric acid The impact of the kidney is even greater. < / P > < p > some patients with high uric acid may have obvious drowsiness symptoms, and even if the sleep time is increased, it can not be alleviated. The main reason is that excessive uric acid will affect all functions of the body. At the same time, after the metabolic function has certain obstacles, the nutritional supply to various tissues of the body will be reduced, and the body will suffer from somnolence due to insufficient nutrition Shape. < / P > < p > if there is obvious abnormality in urination, in addition to the prostate or urethra, the most important thing to consider is the increase of uric acid. Generally, after the increase of uric acid, the urine will have obvious abnormal color, that is, it will become turbid and the color will become darker. This is mainly because of the high content of uric acid, a large number of harmful substances will be discharged with the urine In vitro. < / P > < p > edema of the body is generally caused by kidney function damage. When the glomerular function is abnormal, the water metabolism can not be carried out normally. At this time, most of the water is discharged from the body through the kidney. If it cannot be discharged, it will accumulate in the body, resulting in edema. < / P > < p > if you find symptoms similar to high uric acid at night, you must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, because most of the symptoms are related to renal function, and it is necessary to control uric acid as soon as possible to alleviate the burden on the kidney, otherwise it is easy to cause chronic nephritis, even uremia. 08/16/2020