Uric acid is high to frighten, which food or become “culprit”? Doctor: I like it and I don’t like it early

Uric acid is a kind of decomposition product in our body, which is decomposed by a substance called purine. Generally speaking, our body should have 1200 mg of uric acid reserves. It should consume 600 mg of uric acid excreted every day, and then produce 600 mg, so that uric acid is in a balanced state. However, if the concentration of uric acid is more than 7 mg per deciliter, it will continue to be so for a long time Affect the body’s body fluids, so that body fluids also become acid, the body’s cells can not work normally, it will cause gout.

we are familiar with the “three high” has been our country’s most dangerous three diseases, and high uric acid has been threatening the status of the three high, gradually increasing the number of patients. High uric acid has a great relationship with eating habits. Many patients eat high uric acid. Which foods are the culprits in their mouth?

animal viscera is a kind of high purine. Although animal viscera also contain substances that are good for our human body, if we eat too much, it will make uric acid decompose too much and aggravate our condition.

in fact, fish and seafood are high in protein and low in fat, so they are not easy to get fat. But also pay attention to the balance of nutrition, eat too much, in fact, purine intake will exceed the standard, uric acid will rise, will make gout more serious. So people who already know that they are high in uric acid must strictly control their intake of seafood. After eating seafood, they should remember to drink water, which helps to decompose uric acid and excrete it.

alcohol is also a kind of high purine. If it is an alcoholic who drinks every day, then the uric acid in our body will increase because of the intake of more alcohol, and the gout will be aggravated. And the damage to our body, liver and the like, is also great.

now it’s autumn, and the weather is getting colder. My family always wants to make some chicken soup, fish soup and so on. At the dinner table, they think that they can not only warm themselves, but also have rich nutrition. But broth is also a kind of food with high purine content, especially for the taste. It takes a long time for a stew to have the final taste. We need to pay attention to the amount of intake, not too much, otherwise it will not only improve the uric acid in our body, but also lead to obesity and other diseases due to high fat intake.

first of all, you need to drink more water. Drink eight glasses of water every day, about 1000ml to 1500ml. This can easily promote the excretion of uric acid. In addition, we also need to urinate more. Because of drinking water, urine will become more and more. Some uric acid and impurities in the body can be excreted through urine, which can not only balance the amount of uric acid, but also reduce the damage to the liver. Do not hold your urine, because holding your urine is easy to make uric acid form small crystals in the body, which will lead to the risk of urinary stones, It can also damage the kidneys.

Finally, we should ensure the regular work and rest, because after investigation, it is found that a large part of gout patients have no regular work and rest, and have the habit of staying up late. We must keep enough sleep, and the night is the best time for our body to adjust itself. A good sleep quality will increase our immunity, relieve our fatigue, and reduce our life The risk of gout can also alleviate the condition of gout. It’s very good for your health. Focus