Urumqi adopts online registration this year

Zhang Dehong, deputy director of Urumqi’s Education Bureau, said in response to a reporter’s question at the 32nd news conference on epidemic prevention and control held in Xinjiang on May 18, in order to ensure that children of primary school age in Urumqi can enter primary school smoothly and orderly, considering the impact of the epidemic situation, the city will adopt telephone consultation and online registration to carry out primary school enrollment and enrollment work this year. Zhang Dehong said that the online registration system was opened from August 16 to 22. Parents of school-age children can log on to the website to enter the registration system. After registration, they can enter the online registration information collection module, download, and accurately provide the basic information of students and parents, including household registration book, house property certificate, household registration of school-age children, actual residence number and property nature, etc., and timely Upload the form, complete the information collection and upload. < / P > < p > “here, it is specially reminded that the house number of the actual residence must be consistent with the information registered in the real estate certificate. After the completion of the information collection work, the school-age children with household registration in this city shall be allocated to school in accordance with the primary school district run by the state, while the school-age children with non local household registration shall be allocated to school by the Education Bureau of each district according to the principle of proximity or relative proximity. ” Zhang Dehong said < / P > < p > Zhang Dehong said that at present, the consultation telephone numbers of the district education bureaus and the complaints and consultation calls of the Municipal Education Bureau have been published on the registration page of the online registration system. Parents of school-age children who have doubts about online registration and other work can call the registration telephone for consultation. At the same time, in order to facilitate parents to obtain information related to the promotion of children to primary schools more quickly, the district education bureaus will push the registration websites and registration telephone numbers of the district education bureaus and primary schools in the districts to the streets and communities, and the contracted household cadres and volunteers in the community will release the information through various channels such as parents, residents and telephone. < p > < p > Zhang Dehong also reminded: “recently, parents should pay attention to it in a timely manner. Our city will also release the information of primary school districts through the news media. It is expected that the enrollment of primary schools will be completed by the end of August.” After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!