Use this to see light every day can also be white to the sky! Dermatologist calls expert

Melanin also has its “killer”, this laser beam hit the surface of the skin, melanin absorbed enough light will burst and shatter, the rest of the skin tissue will not be damaged. < / P > < p > part of the crushed melanin is metabolized through the internal circulation of the body, and part of the melanin is scabbed and removed through epidermal metabolism. This is related to your choice of laser therapy. < / P > < p > on the one hand, it can eliminate pigment spots and small red blood filaments in the epidermis; on the other hand, it can deeply stimulate collagen regeneration, inhibit sebaceous gland secretion, increase skin elasticity and eliminate fine wrinkles. < / P > < p > my sisters must have heard of photon rejuvenation, and M22 is a kind of photon rejuvenation, which is a real non stripping lattice laser. In a non-invasive way, it can promote the skin to synthesize collagen fibers, so as to achieve the effect of firming skin, rejuvenating skin and removing wrinkles. However, the sisters do not know that M22 has a variety of filters, which can be used in combination with energy regulation to produce different effects. Experienced surgeons can adjust according to your skin type to achieve better results. What is the main supplement of water light? That’s hyaluronic acid. It’s a natural part of the human body. First give the skin to drink water, and then with the right amount of nutrients to fight against dark yellow, melanin, spots, regular care can throw others 18 streets. < / P > < p > directly and evenly injected into the deep skin, glutathione, vitamin C and other nutrients through mesoderm therapy. Where to go, what to do, in a short period of time, there is an obvious whitening effect.

sisters, how to make medical repair facial mask? It contains mild, safe and reliable ingredients, which can not only repair skin barrier, but also replenish and nourish skin timely and effectively. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao