UV Japan’s latest summer topic “sunscreen products”

It’s time to pay attention to sunscreen again! Japan’s drugstores, beauty shops have in store the most conspicuous position, put out the summer must buy sun protection products! Xiaobian specially for you to sort out the classic and the latest sunscreen products, as well as about the purchase of sunscreen products knowledge Oh!

the sunscreen products sold in Japan are sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen gel, sunscreen powder, sunscreen spray, sun care wet napkin and so on. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, sunscreen and sunscreen are more durable. Sunscreen spray can be sprayed on the scalp, or when it is convenient to go outside, the sun can be used to make up makeup and so on. Choose according to the way you use it.

SPF is the sun protection factor, which is used to indicate the delay or delay of sunburn and redness. The higher the number is, the longer the delay of sunburn will be. PA is the protection index, which is used to indicate the degree of delaying skin tanning and aging. Generally, there will be + at the back, and the more + means the higher the protection level.

is the higher the SPF, the better? The answer is that it depends on the time of going out. Generally, spf20-30 is enough for commuting. If you are engaged in mountain climbing, sports, water sports and other long-time outdoor activities, you’d better choose spf40-50, waterproof sunscreen products. The sunscreen product rubbed on the body may fall due to perspiration or friction. It is generally recommended to reapply every few hours to maintain the protection.

sun protection products sold in Japan can be used for face, neck and body. Some products can be used for face and body at the same time, and some can be directly used as base milk or base makeup. Please look carefully before purchasing!

when it comes to sunscreen products, many people will think of Shiseido’s sun protection products. It will launch different coefficients for different purposes such as water sports, general going out, sports, etc., and there are also products suitable for muscle and infants, which are very popular in Taiwan and Japan! KOSE’s snow essence has herbal fragrance, light texture, permeable and smooth like emulsion, and has captured many loyal users.

lightweight and easy to carry SUNCUT Sunscreen Spray, whether it is difficult to smear parts of the body, or when you go outside to repair, as long as a spray can easily do a good job of sunscreen, cool spray is very suitable for summer use; SUNCUT also has the role of cooperation with Disney, lovely packaging is love. Kanebo’s counter level Allie focuses on high-efficiency sunscreen and anti friction, which can prevent the reduction of protection due to friction, and has won a lot of praise in Japan!

the UV forecast sunscreen series of Shize Research Institute has a mild and light texture, without adding ultraviolet absorber, pigment, perfume and alcohol. It has high ductility and is easy to spread evenly. It can be washed with bath milk only. The pink ultraviolet ray Forecast Sensitive weak muscle special parent-child sunscreen curd is suitable for face and body, sensitive weak muscle, baby over 1 year old can use.

UV forecast mild and clear sunscreen base lotion is suitable for face and neck. It is easy to push and not whiten by adding moisturizing ingredients extracted from plants. It can be used as a base lotion before make-up. UV forecast whitening essence anti sun cream, can be used as makeup before the bottom milk. Finally, you can use the UV to predict the perfect makeup Sunscreen Spray, so as to maintain the perfect makeup.

welleda, which is famous for body massage oil and pregnancy oil, has launched a Japanese limited Edelweiss natural sunscreen. It does not use chemical additives, and 100% natural ingredients can also be used by babies. Moreover, it has good moisturizing effect and no floating powder, so it can be directly used as the bottom dressing emulsion before makeup. The sun protection factor of welleda Edelweiss natural sunscreen is SPF33 / PA + +, which is enough for the sun protection of general going out and daily life. The key point is pure natural, and the limit of Japan!

safety, a Japanese hair and make-up brand established in 1930, its reotto flower fragrance anti UV sunscreen cream does not add ultraviolet absorber, and uses natural plant moisturizing skin care formula, which can prevent sun and moisturize the skin at the same time! There are two kinds of fragrance to choose from.

Fernanda is rich in hyaluronic acid and has a dreamlike Lavender violet. It can be used as a base lotion before make-up to keep the skin moist and modify the skin color. It has spf50 + / PA + + + + +, which is light and smooth in texture and emits the fresh fragrance of jasmine and pear!

the hand-painted bottle design of sun bath sunscreen cream with wooden lid makes people want to start with the lovely shape! There is no perfume and pigment added. It can be used as a base before make-up. The highest class SPF50+ / PA++++ protection is waterproof, suitable for the face and body, and can be used from general outdoors to water activities. Besides, there is also a sunscreen spray version, which is very convenient for repairing or going out.

SANA pore stealth human cool feeling BB spray is spray based BB foundation liquid, with a powder puff with a tank, spray the powder on the powder puff and gently press on the skin. Once smeared, it feels cool instantly. The same series of SANA pores invisible job cool BB honey powder with a small mirror, when makeup can also bring cool touch to the skin!

Japan’s par perfume brand SAVON de BLAN degrees SAVON de BLAN C anti UV Sunscreen Spray has effective protection and deodorizing power, and added seaweed extract, blueberry leaf extract, sunflower extract… It can be sprayed on the face, hair and body, as fresh as just after bathing. The bottle has jewelry like Pendant!

it’s summer feeling more and more recently. Many people should be planning to go to the seaside to play! Enjoy the sun at the same time, do not forget to pay attention to sun protection work! And the sun protection for commuting is most easily ignored. Moderate use of sunscreen products can protect the skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays! After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so