Uzi girlfriend: do you have to force me to send out a report to block your mouth?

However, some netizens think that Uzi’s condition is fake and misleads the public’s awareness of diabetes. Therefore, this afternoon, Uzi’s girlfriend wrote, “you have to force me to send a report to block what B’s mouth. What’s the good way to make a fake? Then clarify the truth and attach Uzi’s medical report.

netizens said: “there are so many netizens in charge of this session”, “I didn’t expect this thing to last so long”, “I don’t need to say more about the ingredients of these sprays”, “it’s so boring, I don’t want to care about their life”, “it’s not a bad thing to read more books, I hope the sprays can take care of themselves”, “don’t these people have their own lives, do they care about themselves when they have time I’m not good with my family. Home