Vatp visual arts education course system press conference held in Beijing

The press conference on the teacher certification and training program of vatp visual arts education course system, sponsored by Swiss noble art institute and hosted by Hong Kong wager international, was held at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing on September 24, 2020. H.E. Bernardino regazzoni, Swiss ambassador to China, Amy, executive director of Wago international Ms. Cao, representatives of China Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, China Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, representatives of Chinese fine arts colleges, Beijing Swiss school, Lucheng assets, and more than 40 media attended the press conference. < / P > < p > due to the epidemic situation, the responsible persons of Switzerland and Hong Kong of the Swiss noble art academy, the Swiss Chinese legal adviser of the Swiss noble art academy, the Swiss lawyer of Swiss Wenfei law firm, the executive director of Eglon college in Switzerland, and the vatp of Swiss noble Art Academy were also paid close attention to Swiss friends from the visual arts education curriculum system participated in the release online. < p > < p > since 2013, as the general agent in China of caran d’Ache, a century old noble brand of writing and painting tools, Huagao international has been deeply involved in the field of art and culture education between Switzerland and China, advocating the education concept developed by American businessmen in China, and combining with the famous Swiss painting tool brand caran D’Ache’s various forms of painting materials, high-quality Swiss education concept and the needs of art education in China market have created a whole system of advanced visual art courses from three years old to 18 years old and even adults, benefiting hundreds of thousands of families in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Changchun and Hohhot. < / P > < p > in order to benefit more Chinese families, Huagao international commissioned the Swiss noble art institute in Zurich, Switzerland, to develop a cloud era art education network system vatp visual art education curriculum system, which is in line with scientific development and can be easily applied for the teacher qualification certification and teaching interactive service of kailanti visual art course. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and China, wager international, which has been striving to promote the interaction in the field of art education between Switzerland and China, has been actively responding to the calls of both sides to establish and maintain long-term friendly relations and jointly explore the possibility of cooperation with China on in-service education and training with Switzerland, as well as the Swiss China free trade agreement With regard to China’s relevant regulations on encouraging Switzerland and China to vigorously promote high-quality education and training services, together with the Swiss noble Academy of art, it took the lead in launching the vatp visual arts education curriculum system certification teacher training program in Switzerland and China, selecting outstanding talents with artistic education career and entrepreneurial intention, and building a sustainable art education circle between the two countries. < p > < p > the release of vatp visual art education curriculum system from the Swiss noble art institute conforms to the changes of people’s education habits after the epidemic, and also provides practical solutions more in line with the essence of art education for many Swiss and Chinese art education practitioners. < p > < p > the Swiss noble Academy of art is looking for independent partners of art education in Switzerland, and jointly promote systematic vocational training of art education between Switzerland and China. Bernardino, Swiss ambassador to China In his speech at the vatp visual arts education course system press conference, Mr. regazzoni pointed out that the Swiss education with innovation as the key word, especially the Swiss aesthetic education from childhood, is the key driving force of Switzerland’s economic development, and is also the basis for Switzerland to maintain a high level of competitiveness. The rich art museums and various art resources throughout Switzerland are the daily life of the Swiss people It has brought lasting aesthetic influence and inspired Swiss children’s aesthetic awakening and creativity. Amy Cao, executive director of Huagao international, made a clear interpretation of the history and significance of vatp visual art education curriculum system. In 2013, Huagao International launched caran, a Swiss brand of noble writing and painting appliances The introduction of d’Ache into China is not only a Swiss painting tool with high quality, non-toxic, environmental protection and real color for Chinese families, but also the Swiss elite education concept. It has polished the three-dimensional aesthetics of karandi, which integrates ballet art, painting art and constructive thinking with the core concept of “cultivating American businessmen”. It has successfully developed the curriculum of kailandi visual art and participated in Hong Kong for many years Since last year, the complete Swiss visual art examination system has been formally introduced into the mainland of China. The annual visual art examination held at the Swiss Embassy in China has brought the rigorous Swiss art evaluation system into China, which has a real impact on more and more Chinese families. In 2019, Huagao international commissioned the Swiss noble art institute to develop a mature teacher training and customer application network system, namely vatp visual art education curriculum system, for the visual art curriculum of kalandi. The system upgraded the visual art education of kalandi again and promoted it in two ways. It has become a successful model of cultural exchange and research in art education between Switzerland and China. As the first professional certification system of visual art education from Switzerland in China, vatp visual art education curriculum system has always followed the Swiss quality, and combined with the teaching experience of hundreds of thousands of audiences in the Chinese market in recent ten years, it has developed a teacher qualification for the visual art course of kalandi, which covers both teachers and students, and is in line with scientific development and can be easily applied Authentication and teaching interactive services of the cloud era art education network system. Among them, the teacher side can provide flexible training for visual art education practitioners anytime, anywhere. In addition to obtaining the comprehensive visual art education compulsory course package of vatp system, it can also supplement learning in the form of elective courses, live broadcast, monthly Q & A, and complete the level examination, certification and upgrading online, so as to truly realize the “cloud study abroad” without any damage. In addition, in order to improve the employment efficiency of vatp holders and ensure the high-quality output of teaching, vatp website also integrates teaching application and feedback system. Vatp certified teachers can not only easily prepare lessons online and use rich teaching courseware of all levels, but also can authenticate the students’ collection of professors to their own account, and use “teaching feedback” and “art community” functions to students The students can find out the vatp certified teachers in various regions and choose to study nearby, which can provide employment and entrepreneurship support for vatp certified teachers in reverse. Although vatp gives full play to the technological advantages of the cloud age, it is essentially different from the online art education which is born of stress on the market. Huagao international has always believed that art education for children and adolescents needs to be appreciated and practiced in person. Emotion is introduced and practiced to express emotion. The two ends of the computer screen can not realize the temperature transmission, emotional expression and final artistic creation of teachers and students. Vatp provides convenient online functions for art education practitioners and entrepreneurs. It is based on the high-quality and rigorous visual art course of kelandi, takes the visual art examination of Swiss noble art institute as the acceptance mechanism, continuously cultivates visual art teachers who meet the education concept of American business education, combines abundant network teaching resources, and makes use of convenient internet teaching application The client interactive service system, with convenient online means to assist offline teaching results, provides Chinese art educators with sustainable learning channels and employment advantages in line with the principles of art education and the characteristics of the times, so as to meet the growing needs of more Chinese families for art education. < / P > < p > at the press conference of vatp visual art education curriculum system, the Swiss noble art institute also released the vatp visual art teacher qualification certificate for the application of digital security management system based on blockchain technology of sikebai group. < p > < p > at the beginning of the market launch, Swiss noble art institute took the lead in applying the world’s leading digital security seal technology from Switzerland, and loaded the tamper proof and anti forgery two-dimensional code identification mark with high security performance onto the vatp certification certificate to ensure the authenticity of the vatp certification certificate content. < / P > < p > the public can use smart phones or computers to verify the authenticity and validity of certificates at any time, which is conducive to the rapid identification of ordinary consumers and escort the vatp certified teachers. < / P > < p > with the world’s leading vatp authentication certificate protected by tamper proof digital encryption and seal technology, it can avoid the circulation of paper certificates and other possible risks, strictly control the legal validity period of certificates, ensure that the certification results meet the consistent requirements of vatp holders, and urge the majority of certified teachers to continue to retrain, This is the rigorous attitude and outstanding style of Swiss education. < / P > < p > around the press conference launched by vatp visual arts education curriculum system teacher certification and training program, the Swiss noble art institute held a three-day art trip Series in Beijing. In addition to the press conference held at the Swiss Embassy in China on September 24, the press conference was held in Beijing Lecheng center on September 23 3. The opening ceremony of the one month exhibition, sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in China, the Swiss consulate in Shanghai and the Swiss consulate in Chengdu, called on children across the country to interpret the healing power of art with color and creativity, with the theme of “a better life after the epidemic”. In the special year of 2020, children from all over the country are called on to fully interpret the healing power of art with color and creativity Echoing vatp’s “art education, the first productivity in the future”. < p > < p > on September 25, in the quiet and deep courtyard of the summer palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the organizers jointly organized an afternoon tea for painting art and an offline Seminar on art education with the theme of “art needs temperature” in collaboration with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce of China. Swiss and Chinese art education experts from Beijing and Switzerland participated in the discussion Mr. Romain barrabas, President of the school, Mr. YVAN SPR ü nglin, general manager of Greater China region of sikebai group, Ms. Huang Haiyan, general manager of Lucheng assets with asset operation, investment management, real estate investment and education services, and Ms. Amy Cao, chief representative of Asia Pacific region of Swiss noble art academy. Under the chairmanship of Daniela reinau, general manager of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, the speakers had a warm dialogue with the media and art education practitioners, deeply discussed the multiple possibilities of offline art education, and pondered and discussed “art is” in the breath of art In the practice of color and the collision of ideas, the significance of art as emotional sustenance and spiritual immunity has been re affirmed, and the role of art education as the spiritual construction of people all over the world, especially children and adolescents, has been clearly proposed. Although the epidemic situation has changed some people’s habits, art education, especially in the face-to-face and warm transmission of aesthetic education and the establishment of artistic thinking habits of children and adolescents, still needs face-to-face and temperature transmission to adapt to the changes of learning environment caused by the epidemic. Besides the cold Internet, we have many ways. The vocational re education program for art students nationwide is from Switzerland Based on the vatp visual art education system developed by the Swiss Academy of noble arts, Schlegel’s visual art education system, which has been verified in the Chinese market for nearly ten years, is looking for nearby vatp recognition from Swiss high-quality aesthetic education in China