Vidivici launched basic skin care series for men’s skin care habits

Vidivici, a high-quality cosmetics brand of new world international group of South Korea, aimed at the Chinese millennials and expanded its target group, launched the blue run series of vidivici men’s skin care line on China’s online e-commerce platform in July.

vidivici men’s skin care line blue run series is a low stimulation water oil balance series developed for men. As a special line for men’s skin care, according to the change of male skin texture and age, the skin is sensitive, the barrier is damaged, the skin is dark, the pores are large, and the sebum is too much.

compared with women, men’s skin is thicker, the oil, hair and sweat are more luxuriant, and they are easier to dry, and the skin problems are also quite different. Compared with women, the skin barrier is thinner and more prone to water shortage. According to the skin characteristics and skin care habits of most boys, vidivici also provides a step reference for daily skin care.

among them, the pure natural blue lotus extract contained in vidivichomme and the powerful blue balance complex of ingredients can help dark and damaged men’s skin to replenish rich moisture, regulate excess oil, and create healthy and energetic skin. At present, this series includes three products: Blue run balanced cleanser, blue moistening balance essence water, blue moistening balance skin lotion.

has learned that the VIDIVICI men’s skin care line blue run series has launched a special blue box for men’s blue balance. It contains a blue run balance net cleanser 120ml, a blue run Balancing Essence 100ml, a blue run balancing skin lotion 80ml. In addition to the existing three items, this year will continue to launch a variety of products such as travel kits and gift sets. Vidivici will bring more professional and advanced skin care experience to boys who love skin care, so let’s look forward to it.