VIP fragrance experience officer r1se Xia Zhiguang invites you to join us on Chinese Valentine’s Day

The new dream angel fragrance series created by Vimy focuses on the charming Oriental Sweet woody fragrance. It has elegant floral and fruity aromas, with a hint of wood sweetness, full of hope and charm.

Dream Angel series shows the dreamy fragrance with rich layers — Victoria’s Secret dreamlike fragrance, gorgeous rainbow, and the unique aroma of colorful berry fruit, sweet and beautiful; the warm and elegant jasmine fragrance, known as “Indian beauty”, has a long lasting aftertaste; the glittering amber fragrance of wood tone and the natural sex appeal add to the unique flavor of dream chasing angel It’s fascinating.

and Dream Angel perfume bottle body gorgeous design, using prism like unique design, reflects the perfume of the colorful sparkling, like all kinds of beautiful, full of texture, fascinating.

light is a bright heart, a shining dream and a blooming sweetness. This year the Qixi Festival, the bright and beautiful streamer spray brings the sparkling midsummer dream.

there are four kinds of graceful fragrance in the brilliant Liuguang series. They are sweet but not greasy. You can mix and mix them up at will, so that you can exude charming breath in your every move. The one and only sparkling luster of the fragrance is brilliant as a dream, like the starry night sky. The sparkling spray presents luxurious luster on the skin, and makes the charm shine with its lasting fragrance and luster. More with the series of body milk to match, let the fragrance and shine more lasting. This is your taste, but also your unique sentiment.

sweet hand in hand to experience r1se summer light. This season, Vimy has launched two Limited gift boxes to remember the shining love. The resplendent luminous box contains bright streamer series fragrance spray, designated body milk and travel style body milk, retail price of 268 yuan, dream angel gift box, including brand new Dream Angel ball perfume, fragrance spray and body milk, retail price RMB496 yuan.