Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!

Everyone has a different understanding of the waistcoat line. Boys think it is the basis of core strength, while girls think it is the performance of perfect body. In fact, it is very necessary to exercise abdominal muscles in terms of strength and body shape, which is of great benefit to health, figure and life. Many stars and online celebrities also take the waistcoat line as the standard of good figure, and fitness and shaping have become one It’s a trend.

for women who love beauty, the waistcoat line is the best coat, which can not only show the heroism of women, but also express the health and self-discipline of their own life. Abdominal muscles and external oblique muscles belong to the same muscle group, which is the concept of rectus abdominis. How to practice the waistline that everyone envies? Today, we will focus on this. The abdominal muscle is mainly composed of rectus abdominis, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle and transverse abdominal muscle. The formation of waistline requires the formation of distance difference between abdominal muscle and external oblique muscle. In other words, the two parts of the muscle bulge, and the vest line can be forged naturally.

but it’s easier said than done. Abdominal muscle training is by no means an overnight task. In addition to muscle improvement, it is more important to reduce one’s body fat rate. There is no saying like this: “abdominal muscles are not trained, they are thin.” If the body fat rate is too high, the abdominal muscle lines will not show. Therefore, the first important thing to exercise abdominal muscles is to reduce fat and reduce body weight. At the same time, abdominal exercises should not be lax. After all, abdominal muscles belong to hard-working muscles, which can be recovered in a short time after high-intensity training. Here are three movements. Pay attention to the standardization of the movements and the breathing rate during training, and persist in training to get a goddess figure.

bend your knees, cross your legs, hold your legs in both hands, and lift your upper back off the ground. Exhale and sit up with both hands supporting the ground. Bring your feet back to the four legged stool position and put a yoga brick between your hands. With the tiger mouth stuck at the lower end of the brick, bend the elbow, lower arm flat on the ground, the big arm vertical, shoulder width, extend the legs to the back in turn, open the feet with the pelvis width, heel up, toe hook to the ground, to flat support. Let the whole body in a flat shape, buttocks do not rise too much, lumbar vertebrae do not collapse, with the strength of your abdomen and buttocks to stabilize the body, can slightly speed up breathing, relax the cervical spine, and the last two breaths.

exhale again, bend the left knee, lower the arms, kneel on the cushion surface with the right knee, and pull back the left knee. The heel of the buttocks should be in the big worship type rest. The forehead should touch the ground, and the elbow should be relaxed. Here, the deep breathing should be adjusted to relax the whole body. The cervical vertebra naturally falls down, completely relaxes, raises the head when the next inspiration, pushes up the upper body, the buttocks sits on one side of the calf, extends both knees to the front to the basic sitting posture.

lie on your back first, feet together, hands on the side of the body, palm down, bend the right knee, hands ten fingers intersect, tightly hold the right leg, exhale, pull the right knee close to the chest, and slowly lift the upper body. Imagine touching your knee joint with the tip of your nose. Keep breathing steadily for 3 times. Slightly retract your abdomen and squeeze your groin. Slightly retract your left thigh. Let the tip of your left foot rush into the sky. Exhale and slowly lower your upper body and hands.