Wandashan “ruzhenniu colostrum powder” involved in “Shenyao” fraud case

Wandashan, with the background of agricultural reclamation, was once recognized as “China’s well-known trademark” in the 1990s. However, it missed the way of listing three times. When it was about to start its fourth IPO, its products were unfortunately involved in fraud cases. Experts believe that Wandashan’s overall operation and internal control system of risk control have great flaws, which will bring a series of chain reactions to its future listing approval.

recently, according to Beijing TV, uncle Lin, who is in his 80s, reported that he spent more than 10000 yuan to buy two boxes of colostrum powder, which claimed to solve various problems such as “hypertension, diabetes, gout”. After drinking this product for a period of time, Mr. Lin stopped taking antihypertensive drugs and found that his blood pressure rose instead. He realized that he had been cheated.

on November 6, the police came to the food store and arrested nine fraud gangs, and seized a large number of bovine colostrum which was used as magic medicine on the spot. Police investigation found that this product is just ordinary food, factory price is 480 yuan a box, but sold to the elderly at 6400 yuan a box price.

although the store and product information are coded in the video report, it can be clearly seen that the product involved is Wandashan’s “Ruzhen bovine colostrum powder” through the product style, the brand logo of “do your best for your love” and the store is a food exclusive store mainly engaged in Wandashan brand.

song Liang, a dairy expert, said that the products involved in the incident were produced by enterprises under Dabei Nong, a brother unit of Wandashan, not Wandashan. However, Wandashan’s brand was hung in the stores for terminal sales. It can be said that Wandashan’s brand is equivalent to a certain authorization for the products in the store. According to the relevant provisions of advertising law and economic law, Wandashan should be jointly and severally liable for this matter.

it is understood that although the brand of the colostrum product involved is displayed as Wandashan, the product is produced by Heilongjiang CommScope Biotechnology Co., Ltd. According to Tianyan data, Heilongjiang CommScope Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is known as the largest colostrum manufacturing enterprise in Asia. The company has three shareholders: Duan xuhuang, Guo Yang and Zheng Xinmin.

from the perspective of equity, there is no direct connection with Wandashan, but Zheng Xinmin, the shareholder, is not only the director of Heilongjiang Wandashan soybean milk food Co., Ltd., but also the chairman and legal person of Harbin Wandashan e-commerce Co., Ltd., director of Heilongjiang Wandashan Baoquanling Dairy Co., Ltd., and director of Heilongjiang Wandashan Health Food Co., Ltd.

it is worth mentioning that Wandashan brand is not the first time involved in a false publicity case. In April 2019, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued a typical case of “100 day action”, which mentioned “Wandashan cow colostrum capsule”.

according to the case, on April 17, the General Administration of market supervision and administration announced that Xiamen City, Fujian Province, investigated and dealt with a false publicity case of a Trading Co., Ltd., and found ppt courseware such as “2018 protein peptide store press conference” in the experience room computer equipment of the party’s business premises, and recommended Wandashan brand bovine colostrum peptide capsule products sold by the party concerned, and the courseware The active peptides of bovine colostrum protein peptides have preventive or therapeutic effects on cancer, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, asthma, pulmonary heart disease, dental caries and other diseases. The party concerned shall organize consumers to participate in the lecture and introduce the products. The lecture contents include the product explanation of the above ppt courseware and accept the orders of customers. “The behavior of the party concerned in publicizing to consumers through ppt courseware that the active peptide composition of bovine colostrum protein polypeptide has preventive or therapeutic effects on a variety of diseases violates the provisions of Article 8, and has constituted an illegal act of business operators to make false or misleading commercial publicity on the functions of their commodities. According to the provisions of Article 20, the party concerned shall be ordered to stop the illegal act and fined 220000 yuan. ”

in response to this incident, Wandashan’s reply to china.com financial reporters at that time was that the cases reported by the State Administration of market supervision were mainly caused by the false propaganda of the dealers of bovine colostrum protein capsules, and Wandashan Dairy was also the victim. The product of bovine colostrum peptide capsule was not a product of Wandashan Dairy Group, but was produced by Heilongjiang Fukang biotechnology company The batch number of Wandashan brand bovine colostrum protein polypeptide capsule health product was declared in 2006, without the brand authorization of Wandashan group, which belongs to infringement.

Tianyan information shows that Heilongjiang Fukang biology and Wandashan Dairy Group belong to Beidahuang group, and their main shareholders are Shanghai Sansheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang 8511 farm. According to the official website of Heilongjiang Fukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the company mainly has four series and 31 varieties, among which bovine colostrum capsule, bovine colostrum royal jelly capsule and bovine colostrum protein polypeptide capsule are the main products of the enterprise.

according to the data, Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1958 and is subordinate to the head office of Beidahuang agricultural reclamation group. It can produce milk powder, liquid milk, drinks, bean products, rice and wheat products, health food, etc.

Wandashan Dairy was restructured in 1997. In 2000, Wandashan announced that it would be listed in a shares. In April 2003, Wandashan completed the meeting, and the main underwriter was Northeast Securities. However, due to the change of Wandashan chairman, the listing process was finally terminated.

in 2007, Wandashan once again proposed A-share listing plan, striving to complete the listing in the first quarter of 2009. However, in 2008, the “melamine” incident caused heavy damage to China’s dairy industry, and Wandashan was hard not to be affected, and its listing plan was stranded again.

in 2017, Wandashan announced its IPO for the third time. However, at the beginning of 2019, Wandashan’s Yantai joint venture subsidiary fell into the storm of capital chain fracture, and Wandashan, as a related party, was involved in the storm and its listing was suspended again.

this year is Wandashan’s fourth listing plan. On May 12, 2020, the China government procurement website showed that Wandashan listed legal services and accounting services procurement projects have been completed. Among them, the bid winner of legal services is Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, and the bid winner of accounting services is Ernst & Young Huaming certified public accountants.

it is understood that in 2019, Wandashan has an IPO plan. In 2018, the golden canned Wandashan infant milk powder “Anli Congjing Cai” and the brand slogan “Wandashan, the choice of trust in 60 years” appeared on the large NASDAQ advertising screen in Times Square, New York, USA. This is interpreted as a signal that Wandashan is about to land on the capital market.

in 2019, Wandashan has formulated the strategic goal of “double 10 billion”, that is, Wandashan will realize IPO listing before 2025, and achieve revenue of 10 billion yuan and market value of 10 billion yuan by 2025. Gu Jian, deputy general manager of Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd., introduced: from 2019 to 2020, Wandashan will focus on unifying equity, clarifying the management boundary between the headquarters and business units, formulating human resource improvement plan, establishing animal husbandry company, planning listing plan and capital operation plan, formulating milk powder and liquid milk business promotion plan, strengthening information construction, and enhancing R & D innovation ability and operation Management efficiency and so on, to achieve the “double 10 billion” goal to provide security and lay the foundation.

song Liang believes that if the mechanism of Wandashan is not changed, the impact of listing on Wandashan is only a continuation and a maintenance. If the system can be changed and an incentive mechanism that is in line with the law of market economy can be established, and enterprises can make continuous efforts in brand construction, channel construction and product research and development, then there is an opportunity for Wandashan’s expansion to achieve the goal of 10 billion yuan for listing. However, if the system is not changed, it is still rigid, even after financing Just a business expansion will not bring much benefit to him as a whole.

after the first three “failures”, Wandashan put forward the IPO plan again after 20 years, which shows Wandashan’s ambition to enter the capital market. However, whether falling into the “Shenyao fraud storm” at the critical time will affect its further IPO?

Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said that this incident highlights the lack of risk management and management philosophy of Wandashan, which is not the first time that Wandashan has such an event, which reflects the existence of certain performance pressure. There are great flaws in the overall operation and risk control internal control system, which will bring a series of chain reactions to its future listing approval.

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