Want a beauty housekeeper? Jingdong health family doctor signs up “skin manager” for you online

If you need to consult some questions such as health care, diet and nutrition, disease risk assessment, or consultation on fitness, weight loss, skin care and other medical and aesthetic related issues, will you go to the third class a hospital to find the corresponding department because of these big or small health consultation questions? 80% of the respondents said they would not.

in fact, for the foreign middle class, these problems are usually the responsibility of private doctors. Through long-term one-to-one service, private doctors can not only systematically master the health status of customers, but also give professional opinions and suggestions on diet, nutrition, body conditioning, beauty and fitness. However, in China, where public medical resources are already very tight, it is very difficult for even patients with serious and chronic diseases to enjoy the services of private doctors, let alone the need for weight loss or skin care.

Jingdong health family doctor products are aimed at the pain points of Chinese family treatment. It can provide a series of functions, including 7 * 24 small real-time online accompany referral, health management, health manager team access, chronic disease management / special life cycle management, etc., and support the access of intelligent hardware devices. By integrating the online and offline integrated service capabilities of JD health, we can create the ultimate service for users Health management and medical services.

take the common facial problems of young women as an example. If there are acne or pigmentation on the face, many people rely on various skin care products or medical beauty, rather than consulting professional doctors. Leaving aside the expensive price of cosmetics or medical products, there is no guarantee of effective treatment for external use products without the guidance of professional doctors. Through the picture and video consultation and prescription service of Jingdong health family doctor service, we can get professional doctor’s diagnosis and treatment guidance without leaving home. At the same time, we can effectively avoid other hidden dangers caused by blind drug use.

at present, the first online Jingdong health family doctor service includes two versions of “small family escort” and “family peace of mind”. The “small family escort” version supports the collection and filing of health information, health planning, weight management, sleep management, unlimited number of speed picture and text consultation, unlimited prescription service and other services for up to 4 family members.

and users with more comprehensive needs can choose the “family peace of mind” version. In addition to no longer restricting the number of picture and text consultation and telephone / video consultation services, online famous doctors’ referral and expert face-to-face consultation arrangements have also been upgraded, and free search for rare drugs and overseas medicine services are provided. Focus