Want less suffering in childbirth? Enter the second trimester of pregnancy, these six matters needing attention

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the industry has gradually stepped into standardization. Young couples who have a pregnancy plan or already have a baby must have this feeling: it is a very complicated and complicated process from the premarital examination before marriage to the pre pregnancy examination before family planning, and then to various examinations in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. < / P > < p > during this period, as long as all the examination results are normal and good, if there are abnormal conditions, further examination will be carried out, which will make pregnant mothers and fathers feel scared and exhausted. As the elders often say: only by raising children can we know the kindness of their parents. < / P > < p > most pregnant mothers are lucky to say goodbye to the vomiting reaction in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. In addition, the baby gradually enters the basin, and the pressure on the stomach has also been alleviated. At this moment, do not indulge in eating and drinking because of the increase of appetite. If the excess nutrition will make the baby weight is too high, the pregnant mother will not only completely lose the chance of natural birth, but also have problems with the immunity of the baby after birth. < p > < p > in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should appropriately increase their intake of calcium and protein powder. You can guarantee a cup of pure milk, one or two eggs a day, and also eat a proper amount of lean meat or fish, shrimp, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and seafood, such as kelp, laver, etc. Pregnant mother also need to pay attention to the fruits and vegetables, try to choose the season, light diet, spicy raw and cold, greasy food should be less touched. < p > < p > from the 36th week of pregnancy, we should have a weekly birth examination. Some pregnant mothers will feel that this is a storm in a teacup. They think their health is very good. Is it too wasteful to have a pregnancy test once a week for hundreds of yuan? Sasha is a 35 year old second child pregnant mother who runs a boutique department store in the urban area. Although the hospital is not far away from the community she lives in, she has to wait for a long time for the color Doppler ultrasound in each birth examination. In order not to delay the business of the boutique, she always takes a fluke and does not go to the hospital for the delivery examination on time. When the baby was 35 weeks old, one day, she was buying fruit at a nearby farmers’ market when she suddenly fainted and convulsed. Fortunately, the kind-hearted passers-by called 120 in time and was diagnosed with pregnancy induced hypertension and eclampsia after being sent to the hospital. After the early rescue, they immediately carried out a cesarean section. The premature baby was transferred to the regional maternal and child hospital on the same day because the lung had not yet developed well. The child stayed in the ICU for half a month before leaving the hospital. < / P > < p > therefore, the pregnant mother should not have the fluke mentality. Especially in the late pregnancy, all kinds of situations will happen to the pregnant mother and the baby at any time. Even if they do the prenatal examination on time every week, if they encounter physical discomfort, they should rush to the hospital immediately. < / P > < p > in late pregnancy, we must have regular work and rest time, and ensure adequate sleep every day. Because the fetus grows up gradually, most pregnant mothers will have edema due to nerve compression. Pregnant mothers should lie on the left side as far as possible when resting. If the swelling is serious, the pillow should be placed on the lower leg when sleeping, which can promote blood circulation and reduce edema. < / P > < p > to ensure adequate sleep, but also to appropriate exercise. According to the pregnant mother’s physical condition, you can choose two time periods to go out for a walk every day. Due to the heavy body in late pregnancy and the possibility of labor at any time, family members must be accompanied when going out to avoid no one to take care of in case of emergency. < / P > < p > play some soothing fetal education music to the baby every day, and find some nursery rhyme stories to tell to the baby. This can not only ease the tension of the pregnant mother about to give birth, but also let the baby be familiar with the mother’s voice in advance. < / P > < p > in the previous two years of the Chinese poetry competition, a seven year old girl could recite the four books and five classics by heart. When interviewing the girl’s parents, she learned that because the parents of the girl liked Chinese traditional culture, they used the traditional Chinese culture to teach their children during pregnancy. < / P > < p > it is the nature of women to love beauty. Even if you are a pregnant mother, you can choose some pregnant women’s gymnastics and yoga to maintain a good body shape, so as to repair the body faster after delivery. Lamaze breathing method is an international common breathing method. It can effectively relieve the pressure and accelerate the birth of pregnant women when they are in natural labor. Pregnant mothers must remember to practice in advance in the third trimester of pregnancy. < / P > < p > although there are packages available for sale online, many senior Baoma still suggest that pregnant mothers should prepare their own more scientific contents, including two sets of newborn half back clothes, nursing clothes, maternity shoes and socks, toilet paper, sanitary napkin and medical pad sheet, milk bottle, milk powder, water basin towel, baby bath towel, quilt, diaper, etc. < / P > < p > in addition, the pregnant mother should prepare the birth examination data, household registration book, medical insurance card, ID card, marriage certificate and other valid documents in advance, so that they can be used at admission. Because each pregnant mother’s constitution is different, so in the pregnancy period has any discomfort symptom, must promptly go to the hospital examination. Luanban