Want the baby’s eyes big and bright, eat more grapes during pregnancy? Look at the doctor’s reminder

Friends who often brush small videos must have seen such videos. During pregnancy, the pregnant mother gave birth to a baby after eating a lot of grapes. Her eyes are big and bright, and the water is smart.

Wenqi got pregnant soon after she got married. Because she often brushed the message that eating grapes could make her baby’s eyes big and beautiful, she had to eat two bunches of grapes every day during her pregnancy.

she was looking forward to giving birth to a baby with big eyes, but before the baby was born, something went wrong. At 28 weeks of pregnancy, Wenqi went for a pregnancy test, but found that the urine sugar on the examination list had three plus signs, and the blood sugar value was also on the high side.

fortunately, Wenqi did not cause gestational diabetes because she adjusted her diet in time. However, it is a little pity that the baby did not have the so-called big and watery eyes after birth.

and from the perspective of genetics, more than 50% of the baby’s appearance and temperament are derived from the parents’ chromosomes. If only one of the husband and wife has big eyes and double eyelids, then the baby is more likely to inherit this feature.

although grapes do not have the magic effect of eye enlargement, proper intake is still good for pregnant women. As we all know, in people’s life, many foods are of the same origin, grape is no exception.

many pregnant mothers will have different degrees of pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy. At this time, they generally like to eat some light food, so grape is a good choice.

after pregnancy, due to the changes of body hormones, the pregnant mother’s personality will also change. For example, when she encounters a little unhappy things, she will be moody, or her sleep quality will be poor due to her physical discomfort. This time might as well eat some grapes to ease the mood.

and all kinds of nutrients and minerals needed by baby growth will lead to the deficiency of Qi and blood of most pregnant mothers. At this time, eating grapes can achieve the same effect of medicine and food.

after pregnancy, the daily intake of energy by the pregnant mother should be supplied to both herself and the baby, so the amount of food consumed by the pregnant mother will gradually increase with the growth of the baby. For pregnant mothers with poor digestive system, grapes can help.

it is worth noting that although hawthorn, like grapes, can promote digestion, it is still better to eat less or not during pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, because it has the effect of contracting the uterus and may lead to the risk of threatened abortion.

I believe you can predict the concentration of fruit acid in grapes from their sweetness and acidity. If you just eat grapes to drink water, will lead to grape fruit acid and gastric acid has not been fully combined, digestion in the stimulation of a large amount of water is discharged from the body.

protein, trace elements in milk and vitamin C in grapes are originally good food for human body, but if they are taken at the same time, vitamin C will destroy the absorption of protein by human body.

the chemical reactions caused by the two can cause mild abdominal pain, and severe diarrhea. Generally speaking, the interval between drinking milk and eating grapes should be at least one hour or more.

Finally, I would like to remind you that pregnant mothers should not think too much during pregnancy, and do not have to worry too much about the appearance of their babies. Whether they look like father or mother, they are the crystallization of love between husband and wife, but also a continuation of life.

so as long as the baby has a healthy body, it is the most important. And pregnant mothers must firmly believe that as long as the adjustment of a good attitude, healthy and scientific diet, the future will give birth to a healthy and lovely baby! Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not