Want to abuse your abs? You need to lower your body fat to make your abs stand out!

But after two months, they could not feel the trace of muscle lines, which made people very discouraged. They don’t know where the problem is. They follow the tutorial clearly. Why can’t they practice such a figure?

in fact, the carving of six abdominal muscles is conditional. If your body fat rate exceeds the standard, and you have a small stomach, simple abdominal abuse training can not help you to reduce the redundant waist and abdomen, abdominal muscle figure naturally can not appear.

don’t think that abdominal muscle training can help you reduce the weight of your belly and build muscle lines. It’s unrealistic. Abdominal abuse training belongs to anaerobic exercise, can only carve muscle, can not consume fat and fat.

to carve six abdominal muscles, you need to lose fat first. Boys’ body fat rate needs to be reduced to less than 16% to avoid fat covering muscles. Because the fat layer is above the muscle layer, too much fat will cover the abdominal muscles, resulting in how to carry out abdominal muscle training, can not train muscle lines.

sports should be selected correctly to improve the efficiency of burning fat. Local training method can not effectively help you to reduce waist and abdominal fat. Fat reduction is systemic. Only when the body fat rate decreases, your stomach will decrease with it.

therefore, you can do more running, dancing, rope skipping and ball games. One hour of exercise every day can help you burn 500-600 calories.

in addition, you need to control your caloric intake and adjust your diet. For example, when you have three meals, you should not eat snacks, high sugar content or all kinds of heavy taste food. You need to replace high calorie and unhealthy food with low calorie and strong satiety food.

select high fiber vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc., to supplement high-quality protein: chicken breast, egg food, salmon, shrimp, etc.

choose coarse grain instead of fine grain, and replace rice, noodles and steamed bread with potato food, bean food, corn, brown rice, so as to have stronger sense of fullness and eat less other food.

while brushing fat, you can have a group of abdominal abuse training every other day. Abdominal muscle group is the small muscle group of the body, training every other day can not make the muscle get sufficient repair, muscle can not grow efficiently. Therefore, exercise every other day for 15 minutes.

the following group of abdominal abuse training can help you carve abdominal muscle groups in all directions and angles, such as transverse abdominal muscle, rectus abdominis muscle, external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle, etc.

each action is 15 times, repeat 2-3 groups. When your body fat rate drops to less than 16%, adhere to two months of abdominal abuse exercise, you can feel the obvious abdominal muscle mass Oh! Home