Want to have a beautiful baby? Eat like this after pregnancy, the baby will not be ugly after birth

Most pregnant mothers have a worry during pregnancy: they worry that their baby will not look good after birth. Therefore, during pregnancy, they will go to the relevant books to see how to eat, so that the baby will be beautiful after birth, rather than wrinkled skin.

there is a common problem in people nowadays, that is, hair loss. Due to the irregular work and rest of life and not paying attention to diet, hair will be lost one by one, and in serious cases, it will gradually become bald.

rich and beautiful hair is the envy of many people, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to this problem from pregnancy, and eat more food for the baby’s future hair. Especially if the father and mother’s hair quality is not good, or there are serious hair loss problems, then pregnant mother must pay attention to.

pregnant mothers should eat more foods rich in vitamin B in their daily diet, such as lean meat, fish and shrimp, beans, walnuts, eggs and milk, which are essential food for daily life, as well as black sesame seeds, which are essential food for health. Pregnant mothers eat more of these, can improve the quality of the baby’s hair in the belly, after birth, the hair will be more thick and dark, and shiny.

to achieve this goal, pregnant mothers should pay attention to vitamin A intake when eating. Many foods are rich in vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, fruit, carrots and so on, which are helpful for baby’s eye development.

among them, chicken liver contains the most abundant vitamin A, but many pregnant mothers can’t accept animal liver, which can be replaced by other foods, such as carrots, which are not only rich in vitamins, but also can promote the increase of hemoglobin, which is conducive to the health of pregnant mothers and babies.

during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should have skin care awareness, so that the baby’s skin is white, tender and smooth, rather than wrinkled. If the pregnant mother’s skin is not very white or dark, it should pay more attention to the baby’s skin color. Pregnant women should pay attention to the intake of vitamin C rich food.

vitamin C has a great effect. It can not only inhibit the melanin in the skin, but also reduce the deposition of melanin in the epidermis.

this is not only to be paid attention to before the baby is born, but also to be paid after the baby is born. The moisturizer used for smearing must be harmless, healthy and safe. In the usual activities, parents should pay more attention to the protection of the baby’s skin.

there are many kinds of food rich in vitamin C. some vegetables, such as tomatoes, cauliflower, wax gourd, and some fruits, such as grapes, pears, apples, etc., are rich in vitamin C, among which apples are the most abundant.

if the pregnant mother’s skin is sensitive and prone to redness and allergy, she can also eat more foods with vitamin A. Vitamin A has another effect, it can protect the epithelial cells in the skin.

if both parents are very tall, there is no need to worry about this problem. However, some parents are not very tall themselves. If they want their babies to grow out of the ordinary, pregnant mothers should start to eat foods with high vitamin D content from the beginning of pregnancy.

vitamin D can promote bone development and help to grow up. Moreover, its effect is most significant in fetus and infant period. There are many kinds of food, such as shrimp, beef, egg yolk, animal liver, milk, etc.

if you want to give birth to a beautiful baby, you must pay attention to the diet during pregnancy. These foods mentioned above are not only beneficial to the health of the fetus, but also beautiful after birth. 08/16/2020