Want to know if she ever had an abortion? Doctor: experienced people will see these three places

Nowadays, the social atmosphere is open, and it is not new to have intimate behavior before marriage. Therefore, some women of the right age are likely to have accidental pregnancy.

no matter what, having an abortion experience is an ignominious “stain” for women. The less people they know, the better. And the biggest worry of these women is that they don’t want to be found out about their past.

Xiao Liu and his fiancee got to know each other through a blind date. After a year of contact, they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Unexpectedly, an unexpected incident happened when they had a premarital checkup before marriage.

while the fiancee is preparing for a physical examination, Xiao Liu hears a dialogue in the corridor. A woman who has just passed through labor complained about her stomachache, and her fiancee kindly told her some details, which seemed very experienced.

the speaker has no intention, but the listener intends. Xiao Liu thought before and after thinking about whether his fiancee had any emotional experience to conceal himself. His fiancee repeatedly denied that it was just a friend who had miscarriage and had taken care of himself.

Xiao Liu is dubious about this, but he can’t find any evidence. After such a fuss, both of them have no good feelings for each other, and a marriage is thus ruined.

it is a basic requirement for all people to be honest with their marriage partners before marriage. However, some girls may have suffered some injuries that they do not want to recall, so they will choose to hide what happened in the past.

some people will pay more attention to this. Before, some people said that by watching a woman’s walking posture and observing her body shape, we can know whether she has passed birth.

these are all without scientific basis. Generally, the larger the month of pregnancy, the more traces left on women’s bodies. If you want to know whether a woman has had a child-bearing experience, we should use scientific means to judge.

generally, the cervix width of unmarried women without childbearing is only about one centimeter, which shows “O” shape, while women who have given birth to the uterus have been dilated, most of them show “one” type.

even for women who have miscarriage, if they have induced labor in a relatively large pregnancy month, the cervix will also be expanded, and there will be varying degrees of deformation.

Nowadays, medical records are all connected across the country. If there has been an abortion operation, records will usually be left on the medical records. Medical records are usually not changed or deleted, and some key information is also recorded in the admission manual taken home.

abortion is no less harmful to the body than a normal childbirth. Once the body is not well rested, it is easy to leave sequelae and even affect the subsequent pregnancy.

it doesn’t matter if you have a miscarriage experience. Everyone has the possibility of making mistakes. The most important thing is not to affect your health and cause lifelong infertility, which is the most regret.

it is worth noting that if you have had an abortion before, you should tell the doctor whether it is necessary to have a miscarriage or to protect the fetus in the next pregnancy. This situation should not be concealed from the doctor in order to prevent misjudgment on the physical condition of the pregnant woman.

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