Want to urinate when drinking water, is kidney bad? Drink water much but did not pee, how to return a responsibility again?

Some people will urinate soon after drinking water, and some people will not urinate for a long time after drinking water, which may be normal. There is no difference between the two situations.

it usually takes 30-45 minutes for water to turn into urine. However, the formation of urine will be affected by many factors. Some people will be faster, others will be slower.

when it’s hot, you sweat more, and the water in your body will be drained out in the form of sweat. Therefore, it’s normal to drink more water but urinate less in summer.

but when the temperature drops, or you always stay in the air-conditioned room, the sweat evaporates less, and most of the water excretion is handed over to the kidney, so there will be more urine.

frequent urination is not necessarily a kidney problem. Urinary tract infection, prostate disease, bladder hyperactivity disorder, emotional disorders, may cause frequent urination. 08/16/2020