Wash the face milk to choose not to choose expensive, these several kinds of domestic facial cleanser, easy to use, not expensive, the skin washed more tender

For women, skin cleaning is particularly important! Usually do not remove make-up in place, coupled with poor skin cleaning, skin will be greasy, dirt, as time goes by, shut up will come one after another! If you don’t do well in cleaning, it’s useless to do well in skin care, so you should have a good bottle of facial cleanser to help you do deep cleaning.

as a result of staying up late for a long time and improper skin care, there are more and more acne on the face. The choice of facial cleanser has always been cautious, mild and afraid that its cleaning effect is not very good. There are “domestic” facial cleansers to make your skin more and more tender.

this cleansing cream is very rich, which can quickly remove facial dirt and residual makeup. I will love your face after washing with this one! After a whole day’s make-up, the skin doesn’t look tired.

it smells great. Super mild, even in the most sensitive and reddening period, it is OK to use it. After washing, the skin is white and tender, moisturizing up for a degree, and it is very durable.

this cleansing cream has a rich and delicate foam, which can clean up the rubbish in the pores and improve the skin color and refreshing texture. It can control the secretion of oil in the skin and inhibit the growth of acne.

white cream texture, milk like silk slippery texture, foam rich and delicate, effectively clean face grease, dirt and impurities, after use, the skin will not be dry and tight, white and transparent, so that each pore can breathe freely. It contains marine biosynthetic molecules, which can soothe and smooth the skin, has good anti-inflammatory effect, and prevents skin sensitivity and redness.

coated with RNW amino acid on the face, 10s easily foaming, dense foam on the face too Su Fu! After the gentle massage, after cleansing, the skin is refreshing and the RNW foaming is one of the things I like to love. It is different from other foam cleanser. It is a curling shape that is squeezed out. It can be very smooth and magical when it is coated on the skin for more than ten seconds.

this facial cleanser is mainly added with amino acids and nicotinamide ingredients to clean the skin and instantly replenish water. Nicotinamide can whiten, control oil, anti-aging and reduce pores. In addition, dove amino acid men’s facial cleanser also has triple moisturizing element technology, adding glycerin, stearic acid and hydroxyethyl urea to create texture skin in three steps of moistening, nourishing and protecting. PARRENT&CHILDREN