Water delivery has become popular in recent years. Analyze the pros and cons before deciding. Pregnant mothers should not make impulsive decisions

When Lihua was struggling with the mode of delivery, she saw the news report on the relevant content of water childbirth. Lihua searched the Internet for the process and benefits of childbirth in the water. One of the sentences “to a great extent relieve the pain of childbirth” made Lihua excited. < / P > < p > literally, it is produced in water. But this water is not ordinary water. It is to fill the sterilized thermostatic bathtub with warm water, and let the pregnant mother enter the water to start production. < / P > < p > because of the buoyancy and lubrication of water, the pain of production is relieved. And the baby has been living in amniotic fluid, when the baby is born quickly out of the water, will not be choked by water. < p > < p > the pressure of water and the impact on the abdomen are very good helpers for Baoma. It can make the baby slide out of the birth canal more quickly, especially when the baby’s head has leaked out. < p > < p > and the lubrication effect of water can also reduce the pain of Baoma’s tearing. When the pain is relieved, the pregnant mother will also feel that the time passes faster. < / P > < p > in traditional natural childbirth, many pregnant mothers are in the same ward. The surrounding environment is the cry of pain of pregnant mothers, the cry of newborn babies, the busy communication of doctors and nurses, etc. The water delivery environment is relatively quiet, and with the flow of water and massage can also relax the tension of pregnant mothers. Intense emotions can increase the feeling of pain, and the doctor’s cooperation will be better when the idea is relaxed. < / P > < p > in the process of delivery, blood, amniotic fluid and various secretions are born with the fetus. Mixing in the water may cause infection to the newborn fetus. < / P > < p > in the traditional natural childbirth, the fetal heart rate is monitored in real time during the production process. Once the baby’s heartbeat is abnormal, cesarean section will be taken to protect the healthy birth of the fetus. < / P > < p > but in water delivery equipment can not be installed, so the whole production process does not know the situation of the fetus, once asphyxia or intrauterine distress will also be very dangerous. < / P > < p > water delivery requires very high production environment, water temperature, disinfection, constant temperature, customization, etc., so the cost is very high. If the water is infected in the production process, and the water needs to be replaced again, the cost will be higher. < / P > < p > not everyone wants to give birth in water. If the puerpera is an elderly woman, the amniotic fluid turbidity is relatively high, the fetal position is not correct or the fetus is too big, and the pregnant mother has other complications, it is not allowed to carry out water delivery. < / P > < p > the advantages and disadvantages of water delivery also need to be analyzed and determined by the pregnant mother. No matter which mode of production, it is the most important to ensure the health of the fetus and pregnant mother. HEALTHY LIFE