Watsons in these five skin care products, shopping guide never recommended, but many people buy, netizen: easy to use

We all know that when we go to buy cosmetics, there will be a shopping guide to help you recommend. Many people think that the products recommended by the shopping guide are the best. In fact, they are not. When they recommend products, they usually choose products with higher prices, so that their commission will be higher. They would not recommend products that are easy to use but have low prices and low commission.

these five kinds of skin care products in Watsons are never recommended by the shopping guide, but many people buy them. Netizen: easy to use. In fact, there are some good things that they don’t recommend. We can take them directly. It’s really a good thing with conscience.

whitening effect is very good, and not false white. The key is that it also comes with its own sunscreen level, SPF26 + +. When you are lazy, you can paint it out. The essence of

is made from hyaluronic acid as the base fluid. It also contains arbutin, nicotinamide and herbaceous plant extracts, such as licorice and licorice. It is whitening and crease resistant, not only for freckle and wrinkle prevention, but also for daily whitening and moisturizing effects.

the silver bottle looks very expensive, the fat bottle body is large, the sparkling liquid is only a little sticky, my skin is sensitive, and it is allergic to many skin care products, but this essence is soft and moist. It is not greasy, very mild, and feels really good. After painting, the face becomes smooth and comfortable.

replenishment, I would like to recognize this seven cent makeup home’s hyaluronic acid Silk Mask, the essence of this mask is many, and it is thicker than the essence of Japan’s woo Tian LAN, which I used before.

after taking out the mask paper, there are many essences in the bag, which can be applied to the face, and can also be applied to the neck. This mask is suitable for all skin types, and when it is used up, the skin will instantly feel the water and water.

this eye cream contains snake venom like peptide, which is clear and easy to absorb, moisturizes and moisturizes without greasy, locks water for a long time, smoothes eye skin, gently takes care of eye muscles, relieves the skin around the eyes, nourishes and resists wrinkles, lifts delicate, wakes up the eyes and makes them bright

as everyone knows, the biggest reason for wrinkles in eyes is the loss of collagen! And peptide is a small molecule of collagen, it is easy to be eaten by the skin, quickly supplement skin nutrition. After each use, there are visible changes in the eye.