We are not fat, we just have flesh on our faces!

Not only is there a surprise version of ice and snow, but also the members of the delegation get together to celebrate this commemorative day with fans through video.

but there are many people in our life who feel that their flesh cheek is not exquisite enough. Bajie said that when she was young, she should not only think about thin face, but also keep the vitality of her skin!

especially when compared with her slender and slender figure, she can squeeze out two lumps of flesh with a smile, and her big facial features are too cute!

if you look at the pictures, you can also feel that this kind of face will give you a sweeter and more lovely appearance, with a feeling of affinity and even the effect of aging reduction ~

a good-looking meat face, with plump and compact Apple muscles, no Slack jaw line, smooth facial lines, and no redundant flesh and fine lines, these are the necessary conditions!

therefore, if we want to keep our skin tight, we must first keep our collagen and skin support, and reduce the damage of external influence on the skin!

if you want to keep your skin tight, the most daily but effective sunscreen is absolutely indispensable! And this is not the first time Bajie mentioned the importance of this, UVA / UVB radiation not only can make the skin tan, but also can make it aging.

it is not only necessary to protect the sun outdoors, but also to pay attention to the computer indoors. Because the blue light emitted by the screen of over exposure to electronic devices is no different from being exposed to the sun!

recommended by sister Ba: supergoop! The transparent pre makeup sunscreen can resist UVA / UVB and blue light damage. The SPF40 SPF can achieve a longer-term protective effect, and the texture of fast film formation can also guarantee the compliance of follow-up makeup. As mentioned in

, we can not only directly prevent sugar intake in diet, but also reduce the negative impact of saccharification on skin through skin care 。

Bajie recommends: AG’s anti sugar facial mask has added polypeptide ingredients that can effectively mash the damaged muscle, increase the activity of elastin, make the face more compact, and put it on the face without worrying about intolerance like the oral products.

recommended by the new supersedes the old. Biotherm’s frozen blue bottle essence, which is made up of VC, double molecular hyaluronic acid and three probiotics, can effectively enhance the skin’s metabolism, make the skin more compact and fade the texture and bright skin.

polypeptides are small molecular proteins composed of a variety of amino acids. They are named according to the amount of sensory amino acids. For example, two peptides and three peptides can effectively resist sugar and antioxidation and slow down skin aging.

the ingredients of polypeptide are relatively mild, so the effect is not so rapid. It needs to be used for a certain period of time to have better effect ~

skin care products with effective VA ingredients can accelerate the metabolism of skin and increase the production of collagen protein, At the same time, there is also the effect of whitening and brightening the skin. It can be said that ~

VA is ranked in the descending order of concentration, including A acid, A aldehyde, A alcohol and A ester. In addition to the prescription A acid, people can choose according to the tolerance of the skin, and the products of the sensitive baby can be replaced by VA derivatives.

star recommendation: Bei Sao’s SARAH CHAPMAN night skin essential oil, adding antioxidant, anti-aging ingredients such as VA, VE, Q10 and so on, can promote collagen regeneration and smooth fine lines. Moisturizing and absorbing texture is definitely a good old hand.

bosein, a patent component of L’Oreal Group, is actually one of the derivatives of xylose, and its scientific name is hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyran triol.

it can promote dermis cells to accelerate the production of type IV and VII collagen and glycosaminoglycan, so as to strengthen the dermal epidermal layer connection and make the skin more plump and elastic.

: Helena’s black bandage is no stranger to HR’s black bandage. It adds up to 30% concentration of Bose element, so it can have more effective repair and anti-aging function. ~

, so you can’t complain about the flesh on your face too much, want the same get and Jennie as the cheeking face, and quickly fill the skin with full and tight skin care.