We should prevent “three diseases”, eat “four fruits” and do “five Taboos” to help you healthy for a whole year

After the beginning of autumn, an autumn rain and a cold. Chinese medicine talks about nourishing yang in spring and summer and Yin in autumn and winter. Develop good living habits and eating habits, in order to lay a solid foundation for autumn and winter health. After the beginning of autumn, the temperature is relatively high, also known as “autumn tiger”. Climate change is likely to lead to the recurrence of old diseases and induce new ones, so preventive measures must be taken.

it is recommended to wear a thin top. You can wear a single garment in the morning and evening to avoid adding clothes and trousers immediately when the temperature drops slightly, and cover it tightly.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “covering spring and freezing in autumn” means that the weather turns cold in autumn, and the indoor temperature is higher, so you can wear less clothes indoors and wear a thin clothes when you go out. Don’t cover them too thick.

after the beginning of autumn, the weather is gradually dry. Lung qi deficiency will reduce the body’s tolerance to adverse stimuli and be prone to depression. Please take measures to prevent autumn dryness.

we must adjust our emotions to achieve inner peace and ease of mind. No matter what we encounter, we must solve them in time, which is conducive to the operation of Qi and blood and the dredging of lung qi.

after the beginning of autumn, we must know that “autumn melons have bad stomachs”. Whether it is watermelon, muskmelon or vegetable melon should eat less, so as not to damage the Yang Qi of the spleen and stomach, but you can eat more fruits to prevent autumn dryness.

relevant studies have found that banana peel contains an effective component “banana peel” which can inhibit fungi and bacteria. It can be used for topical treatment of itchy or dry skin caused by fungal and bacterial infections.

jujube is sweet in taste and warm in spleen and stomach meridian. It has the effect of Tonifying the middle Qi, nourishing blood and calming nerves, and alleviating drug properties. It is suitable for deficiency of middle Qi and visceral mania. Jujube for the treatment of qi deficiency, spleen and stomach weakness caused by physical fatigue is helpful.

the skin is particularly easy to dry in autumn. The vitamin C content in fresh jujube is 7-10 times higher than that in citrus and 75 times higher than that in apple. Eating more red dates can help improve skin elasticity, plump subcutaneous tissue and make skin more delicate and smooth.

just after the hot and humid summer, a lot of toxins are accumulated in the body, and the internal heat is heavy, and the body is tired. Eating a little grape appropriately has a good diuretic effect, which helps to promote detoxification and eliminate internal heat.

grape is a good autumn fruit, which can replenish qi and blood, replenish brain, calm nerves, remove dryness, clear eyes, and take care of the health of the body. It’s also less than the season for mass market.

after the beginning of autumn, it is the season to eat peaches. Peaches are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fruit acids, which can help accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation.

peach contains very high iron element, which is 4-6 times as much as apple and pear. It is an ideal fruit for iron deficiency anemia. Eating more peaches is more conducive to tonifying qi and blood, keeping healthy and less getting sick.

after the beginning of autumn, the weather turns cold. In order to adapt to the changes of solar terms, all aspects of the body have corresponding changes. Therefore, it is forbidden to eat cold drinks after the beginning of autumn to avoid cold in the stomach and induce gastrointestinal diseases.

after the beginning of autumn, the temperature drops slowly. The middle-aged and elderly must pay attention not to do strenuous exercise, especially those suffering from vascular diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, can not do any strenuous exercise, and should pay more attention to observe the body changes.

after the beginning of autumn, the ground begins to cool, and feet are the root of human beings. If you walk barefoot, it is easy to cool the feet and let cold evil invade. It is easy to cause the recurrence of old diseases and induce new diseases.

after a whole summer’s high temperature, the body’s metabolism is vigorous, the consumption is also increased, and it is easy to feel tired. Enough sleep can relax all the functions of the body. Try not to stay up late after autumn to ensure adequate sleep. Go to sleep before 11:00 p.m., and ensure 7-8 hours of rest time.

since ancient times, autumn has always been sad and lonely. From summer to autumn, people’s mental mood will also have certain changes. Autumn is also a high incidence period of seasonal diseases. Excessive worry or anger will lead to imbalance of yin and Yang, which will affect health. We must adjust our mentality, maintain a happy heart, and don’t get into trouble.