Weight gain during pregnancy reference: fat pregnant women may also be undernourished, four kinds of nutrients should not be taken seriously

Weight is the natural enemy of every fairy. Before pregnancy, mothers to be stand on the scale and always hope that the number on the display is smaller and smaller. < / P > < p > after waiting for pregnancy, the weight of expectant mothers is related to the development of their babies, and their thoughts also begin to show a “revenge rebound”, hoping that the weight will be higher and higher. Is it true that the fatter the pregnancy, the better? Many fat pregnant women also have the problem of undernutrition. There is not a positive correlation between baby’s good growth and Baoma’s weight. Baoma should know the most suitable weight data during pregnancy. From 2011 to 2012, 43.2% of pregnant women were over nourished, and 22.9% of them were undernourished. < p > < p > when Xiaomei was 32 weeks pregnant, she went to the birth examination as usual. Once she put on the weight scale, the doctors’ chin was almost shocked. In just one month, Xiaomei’s weight has soared by 17 Jin, and other indicators have also appeared many problems. < / P > < p > “no way. I didn’t eat any snacks. I walked around the Fried String stall every day.” Baoma said wrongly. After the doctor inquired in detail, he found out how Xiaomei’s extra weight came from. < / P > < p > “fruit must be eaten. I can eat two or three Jin a day, isn’t it to supplement vitamins?” Xiaomei was confused, good fruit, how to become the enemy of weight gain? < p > < p > during pregnancy, Baoma mothers really need a lot of vitamins. Fruits not only contain vitamin C, but also are rich in dietary fiber, so they are essential nutritious food during pregnancy. < / P > < p > but there are limits to everything. If you eat too much good food, there will be problems. Fruit sugar content is high, especially Xiaomei is fond of eating litchi, blood sugar soars very fast, but the body’s other nutrients are still in a state of deficiency. The optimal weight gain during pregnancy is 11.5-16 kg / m2 for pregnant women with BMI of 18.5-24.9 kg / m2 before pregnancy. The weight gain in the second and third trimester of pregnancy was stable at 0.35-0.5kg/week, with 0.42kg/week as the standard. – / P > < p > < p > compared with the single pregnancy mother, the twin pregnancy mother has a heavier burden on her shoulders, and her weight gain during pregnancy will be greater, after all, there are two small lives in the stomach. There is a stable reference standard for the weight of pregnant women, whether single or multiple, but the heavier the better. Baoma is too fat, it is easy to cause more pregnancy complications, the difficulty of childbirth will also increase, suffering their own pit baby. Many pregnant mothers gain weight rapidly, mainly because they eat too much fat and sugar, but the nutrients that are really beneficial to the baby’s development are still in a state of deficiency. Four kinds of nutrition are the key points. Mothers to be should be soaked in rain and dew. < p > < p > pregnant mothers have a high demand for high-quality protein, especially after entering the third trimester of pregnancy. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should drink more milk and eat beef, chicken, fish and eggs appropriately. < / P > < p > DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid widely found in fish and nuts. The third trimester of pregnancy is an important period of baby’s intellectual development. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should eat 1-2 meals of fish per week and 25-35g nuts a day. < p > < p > vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, especially in the early pregnancy. It is recommended that mothers to be eat more dark green vegetables, which contain higher folic acid and calcium, which are very beneficial to the development of the baby’s neural tube. < p > < p > whole milk contains not only protein 3.0g/100g, but also rich in calcium, which is an excellent food for calcium supplement during pregnancy. It is recommended that mothers to be take 400 ~ 550ml milk every day. < p > < p > animal liver, animal blood, laver and kelp are rich sources of iron, while cereals are rich in zinc. Mothers to be should have a balanced diet in order to have adequate intake of trace elements. < / P > < p > in order to maintain uniform weight gain during pregnancy, meat and vegetable should be well matched in diet. It is suggested to take 400-500g vegetables, 200-300g staple food, 150g meat, 1 egg and 200-300g fruit every day during pregnancy. During pregnancy, moderate activity is not only beneficial to health and childbirth, but also can help to reduce fat and control weight gain. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should choose walking, yoga and other activities and practice under the guidance of professionals. 08/16/2020