Weiya’s first time on the program, after removing makeup, the skin is very different from usual. At 35 years old, there are ways to resist wrinkles

In summer, the skin is prone to more problems. If you don’t take care of the sun and the air conditioner, the water and oil will be unbalanced. You will get all kinds of embarrassment and make-up dizzy. However, the little sister who has a good skin condition around her really makes people angry. She can not only keep oil and make-up off, but also has a clean, fresh and delicate make-up all day long. In fact, they all use the essence of the makeup before making them. The essence is essence, because its concentration is the highest in all skin care products, and skin care is also highly targeted.

some people say that a smiling girl is not too bad luck, but she laughs a lot. The fine lines on her face come out. Every stage needs some skin care with different efficacy. However, some anti-aging essences are expensive, and the student party is not necessarily able to afford it. When I saw you and Jiani Zhang sharing a essence, you could solve your troubles. < p > < p > Zhang Jiani used to have dark skin, but now her skin condition is my envy, so I pay more attention to the skin care methods and skin care products she shares.

recently recommended this essence by her and Wei Ya, the word of mouth is very good is favored by the female star, the small foam has also used, used one month to feel really worth Amway.

looks at the skin condition of Su Yan’s skin. She knows that this essence is good. Although her eyes are slightly gaunt and her skin is not particularly white, she is very different in makeup when she is in peace, but she can see that her skin is very good, and her wrinkles are too faint to be seen. < / P > < p > I believe that many girls envy the bright, flawless and tight face of female stars. How do they do it? In fact, in addition to regular diet, work and rest habits, they have also made great efforts in skin care! But they don’t always use expensive brands, and occasionally share some cheap skin care products, and they don’t lose at all.

is just like our goddess Bao Wenjing. She used this essence. She said she used it for a long time, and sometimes she would use it to &quot when she stayed up late. First aid " after second days, the skin was really smooth and bright. It can help the skin to maintain stability and repair, and the effect of removing spots and acne marks, whitening and moisturizing is also very strong, so that the dark skin can return to a normal and healthy state! When looking at the ingredients,

found that the essence of this essence is the national patent ingredient silane hyaluronic acid. Its molecular weight is smaller than that of ordinary hyaluronic acid, and its hydrophilicity is better. It allows the skin to absorb quickly, replenish the collagen protein and elastic fibers needed by the skin, establish the skin’s own protective barrier, and does not contain flavoring pigments. It’s easy to use. It’s refreshing and moistening. It’s very comfortable to use.

this bestie has good reputation and popularity. Many Internet red recommends that girlfriends have run out of one, and now they are ready to buy second. She says that the skin is too good. It is said that this cream adds SHAC face factor, it increases collagen and elastic fiber effect very well, moisturizing and at the same time has a tight effect, can make slack skin restore elasticity, also can dilute fine lines to resist old age! < / P > < p > I have poor skin condition, and I often have sensitivity in changing seasons, so I decided to start with a bottle! The bottle is very high, and the essence is taken to the hands. It starts to try. The texture is very light, the mobility is very good, the absorption on the upper face is fast, and it is not greasy, but the moisture retention time is very long, and the face is dry all day. And even if you are oily skin, you won’t feel thick and breathless when you use it on your face. Dry skin is even better, because its moisturizing power is very strong.

also contains 50% nicotinamide, which has great effect on brightening complexion, improving dark and desalination. No wonder netizens say that they can see a lot of skin white in one week. < / P > < p > I have used it for almost a month, and I feel that the effect is good. Originally, the skin is full of acne marks, which are very dark. In addition, some wrinkles still have no color. The whole person is more than 5 years older than the actual age. Now not only the skin is much better, the white water is tender, even some of the spots, fine lines are desalinated, give me too much surprise! And now even if the plain face is not afraid, do not need to cover with cosmetics cover, there is a kind of high light feeling, moist and tight.

even stars are good at measuring the essence of the essence, but they have the quality of the noble, but they really find it. Today on the wall crack recommended to the fairies, unlimited buy back a section, hurry up to arrange! It’s a good deal to get tickets now! CUISINE&HEALTH