“Wet compress” is out of date. Now Zhang Yuxi’s “oil compress” is popular for skin care and can be used all over the body

Hello, everyone. My sister is online. In this article, we will share the maintenance secrets, good things sharing and fashion of the stars. We hope that the learning of these tips can inspire you. Then we will start our fashion journey! What Xiaobian envies is not only the love of ten generations, but also Xuanji’s sister Linglong. Zhang Yuxi can be said to be the beauty of Xiaobian’s beauty, which can be remembered at a glance. His high face and good skin really make people curious about Zhang Yuxi’s skin care methods. < p > < p > in private, Zhang Yuxi is also a little girl who loves to share. She has recommended many skin care products and methods in her personal account, and her “oil application” skin care method is worth recommending! < / P > < p > when it comes to oil, it is estimated that many people have resisted it, especially those with oily skin. However, the correct use of essential oil and oil products will have a better skin care effect. Not only the facial skin needs oil, but also our hair. < / P > < p > it’s autumn. In a new season, many people’s skin will be more sensitive, and their hair will slowly have the reaction of friction and electrification. So at this time we should take good care of the skin and hair, refreshing skin care methods can be replaced by moisture type. < / P > < p > dry hair friends, hair care essential oil is indispensable, compared with hair mask, hair care essential oil can be often used. Zhang Yuxi uses feishikou’s hair care essential oil, which is usually used when the hair is half dry after washing. < / P > < p > the special point of this hair care essential oil is that it is packaged independently, which is more conducive to maintain the activity of the essential oil, and the hair care effect will be better. Such a small bag, has been enough to use, and hair more than the fairy can be used according to demand. The application method is to squeeze the hair care essential oil into both hands, and then apply it to the hair, mainly the hair tail and the middle part of the hair. After the application, use hot air to dry the hair. < / P > < p > in my opinion, although this hair care essential oil contains a lot of grease, there is no need to worry about greasy feeling, because it has ingredients to adjust skin feeling, which will make the texture more refreshing and easy to absorb. But in fact, if you use this essential oil alone, it will have little effect on severely dry and damaged hair. Xuejie thinks that the method of hair mask + bath cap is more able to concentrate on repairing. < / P > < p > compared with & quot; oil application & quot; method, many people prefer to use & quot; wet compress & quot; to deal with the problem of skin dryness, but it should be noted that the cuticle will be damaged if it is often wet applied. Therefore, the application of & quot; oil & quot; is also more gentle. Zhang Yuxi’s facial & quot; oil application & quot; uses squalane beauty oil, which has good permeability and moisturizing effect. < p > < p > to use this method, first pour a small amount of Haba oil into the palm of your hand and gently pat your face, then pour some Heba oil to rub and press it on your face. Zhang Yuxi’s “oil application” method usually takes about five minutes. And Haba oil can make follow-up skin care better absorption, so after Haba oil, we have to carry out normal skin care work. < / P > < p > there is only one ingredient in this beauty oil, namely squalane, which is very pure and has no additives. The main effect of squalane is to moisturize the skin, not irritate the skin, so sensitive muscles can also be used. It should be noted that if you have oily skin or acne skin, try to avoid this skin care method, especially if the essential oil is not well absorbed, which may lead to acne or long mouth closure. If you are a sensitive muscle, you should pay attention to ingredients that are not allergic and choose natural ingredients. < p > < p > Zhang Yuxi will use two products for body skin care, body oil and VC powder. The main function of body oil is to soften cuticle and moisturize skin, while freiol body oil also has whitening effect. VC powder, as we know, is whitening, so both of them will have double whitening effect. < / P > < p > freiol’s body oil is oily, but not greasy. Moisturizing softeners include jojoba oil and aloe vera, and the ingredients are more advanced. Aloe Vera has a soothing effect. As a whitening body oil, its main whitening ingredient is retinol, an antiaging and whitening ingredient. However, retinol is also a very strong component. It can be seen that its safety is low and it is indeed quite stimulating. No matter what kind of skin use, it is necessary to establish tolerance, and it is better to use it at night. In fact, “essential oil” can be used in hair care, body care and facial care, but the products and essential oils used in different body parts are different. It should be noted that the facial essential oil is easy to stuffy acne. After massage, it is best to clean it, especially the sensitive skin which is easy to stuffy acne. HEALTHY LIFE