What about a cat owner at home? It’s time to learn about these home decoration designs

Daily life and work step by step, more and more young people living alone, more and more busy work, less and less private time, so that many people choose to keep a small pet, bring some other surprise to the ordinary day like boiled water, which makes people laugh and cry, but also makes people happy.

because of the warm air flowing in the large sunny indoor space, the cat owners often lazily choose a soft place for themselves and lie down for a nap.

if you have a cat owner in your family, you can choose a flat with large bay windows, hang a layer of light white gauze curtain, then hang a layer of silk shading curtain, spread a long velvet blanket, and finally place several high rebound pillows, one cat and one person, lazy and scattered every day.

don’t look at the cat owners at home who love to lie down. In fact, they are active and love to play. However, most people have limited space in their homes and use walls to divide functional areas, which greatly reduces the range of activities of kittens.

and many people have the habit of closing the door at will. The doors of bedrooms, balconies and toilets are often closed. When you close the door, your cat owner is also closed. Meows are still clingy and can’t understand why you shut them out.

at this time, the cat door specially designed for the owner of the cat will come into use. If you install this small door on the original door, your cat owner will be able to get in and out freely.

in addition to the cat door, cat through holes can also be considered. Such through holes can be set up in every place of the house, from the corridor to the room and then to the balcony, so that the cat owner can move freely in every space.

of course, cat through holes can also be set in high places or ceiling. When you call the owner of the cat, it suddenly with a silly face, pokes its head out of the hole in your head, and instantly melts your heart.

the most important thing to live with a cat owner is to respect each other’s living habits. Despite the fact that the owners of cats are lazy, they like Parkour very much.

installing partition board on sofa background or TV background can be an interesting climbing props for cat owners. It can be long or short in shape. The staggered layout has become the most fashionable decoration and the most practical storage tool in the space.

considering the climbing habits and routes of the cat owners, the design of the moving line of the step must be reasonable. After all, no one wants their cat owner’s daily life to be bumpy.

this partition does not have to be made of solid wood, but transparent material can also be considered. In this way, not only the whole room looks clearer, the overall painting style also appears simple and clean, but also the transparent material is more beautiful. The point is, when the cat owners walk on it, you can enjoy their lovely little meat mats.