What are the behaviors of wasting Yang Qi? Most men have done it, and must quit

The term “masculinity” is only applicable to men. It refers to the masculine appearance, which gives people a strong and resolute charm, which is a healthy manifestation of Yang Qi foot.

Yang Qi can’t be touched, but it’s abstract. What is Yang Qi? In a place with four distinct seasons, people living in it often see this phenomenon. In a cold winter, some people only need to wear a light down jacket to resist the cold. While some people wrap themselves like a dumpling, which is three layers inside and three layers outside. The latter is what the old people call low firepower, that is, lack of Yang.

people with insufficient Yang Qi have some deficiency and cold body, lower temperature of hands and feet than ordinary people. They are more sensitive to low temperature weather and often feel cold. People with this kind of constitution are easy to cause some gastrointestinal diseases, and the weather becomes cold, which makes them more likely to develop diseases.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, kidney contains essence, and essence can be transformed into Qi. According to the theory of inherent essence and Qi, Qi here is kidney qi. If kidney function is damaged, Yang Qi will be insufficient and deficiency of Yang Qi will lead to diseases. What is the relationship between deficiency of Yang Qi and diseases?

many men bear the pressure of supporting their families, or in order to bring quality life to their families, they often need social intercourse, and many of them can’t be pushed off at all. Therefore, smoking and drinking too much will cause harm to the body and consume Yang Qi. Therefore, it is necessary to smoke less and drink less.

staying up late is harmful. If you are busy in the day, your body will feel tired, which means that your body has less Yang Qi, and you can have full spirit to work and study. If you often stay up late and your body is tired and you don’t rest when you need to rest, your body will feel more tired, and the lack of Yang will be more serious.

people who often stay up late have poor mental state, dim complexion, acne, endocrine disorders and accelerated aging. Therefore, they should avoid staying up late and reasonably arrange their own time to fill the body’s Yang Qi with “Qi”.

many men have the habit of holding their urine. When they get up in the morning, they obviously have a sense of urination, but they stay in bed and procrastinate. Sometimes, the work task becomes heavier. In order to finish the work on hand earlier, they should hold their urine as much as possible. This is often the case. It is especially harmful to the kidneys of men. The kidneys are not good and the Yang Qi is less. Therefore, male comrades should develop good toilet habits.

many men have straddled their legs. It is because they don’t understand the harm of this habit to men’s health. If they do this for a long time, it will increase the risk of hip bone lesions. The bad posture of leg bending will remove bacteria and viruses that should have been discharged from the body, forcing the body to absorb them again, resulting in kidney function damage and insufficient kidney qi.

the weather is hot, especially those men who work outdoors. They like to eat some iced food or drink some ice drinks to relieve the heat, but don’t be too indulgent. Once excessive, some Yang in the body may be dissipated.

if you have symptoms of insufficient Yang Qi, you need to nourish your Qi at this time. When you get up in the morning, choose a suitable time for the sun, with your back to the sun. The method is simple and good for replenishing Yang Qi.

the process of taking a nap is actually a process of body rest and restoring vitality. A short nap can also improve a person’s mental state. A good mental state means that the body’s Yang Qi has been supplemented to a certain extent.