What are the characteristics of girls who are average but very good-looking?

Where did everyone go on holiday? I went to a classmate party. I haven’t seen them for only a few years. They have changed a lot! Especially my former deskmates, < / P > < p > although they are not the first beauties, they will take good care of themselves in details, such as keeping white and tender skin, tender and white face It’s easy to become such a popular girl! As long as the details are in place, the rate of return will definitely explode. Today, I’ll teach my sisters how to become beautiful by heart and drop it down as soon as possible ~ < / P > < p > to improve the success rate of taking off orders, the most urgent thing is to improve the skin first! Face to care, the body’s skin also need more maintenance, and not so troublesome face, a bottle of body milk can be done! < / P > < p > generally, the body milk in autumn and winter is too thick to be absorbed until it is rubbed several times. But it will not be home, texture is like lotion, wipe a few seconds to turn into water, swallowed by the skin Swat, particularly refreshing ~

after each wipe, the hands of chicken skin, thigh cracks are gone. And the next morning, the skin is still in the state of water and light. It’s white and bright, as if there is a milky way hidden in the body ~ < / P > < p > before dating and after taking a bath, it feels smooth and tender, and it will emit super attractive peach fragrance, and the skin will turn white after persisting in using for a period of time!

this kind of body milk not only adds Vaseline, but also has the honey peach plant extract essence and the lactic acid bacteria ferment and so on, can soften the keratin better, replenishment and moisturizing, improves the dull, brightens the complexion! < / P > < p > in order to keep skin active for a long time, collagen supplement is the most effective way! I introduce a “frozen age artifact” that I have been using to my sisters, that is, Chuen XI collagen night freeze-dried

. It will not be as troublesome as the ordinary mask, but also face and wash face. Just put it on your face before you go to bed, and you will feel full of vitality after you get up the next day. Your face is white and bright, as if you are back to the age of an 18-year-old girl! < / P > < p > this jelly film is packaged independently, each bag is full of hydrolyzed collagen, carnosine, nicotinamide, etc. the texture is like transparent jelly, which is very refreshing and moisturizing, and can obviously see the slender collagen strip! < / P > < p > a little massage can quickly turn into water and absorb it quickly! Refreshing and moisturizing, without any greasy feeling, a small bag can just cover the whole face, no more, no less just right! < / P > < p > after every use, you can obviously feel your face moistened the next day and feel elastic. If you insist on using it for a long time, your skin will become tighter and your skin will brighten up a lot! < / P > < p > it also has a good morning frozen film, which is suitable for daytime use, and is a good first aid artifact for staying up late party! Let your skin instantly rejuvenate, not affected by staying up late! < / P > < p > there are 20 small bags in a box. The cost performance is very high. It can be carried with you and can be used for business travel. The key point is that you can go to bed after applying it. You don’t need to worry about anything. The more sleep your skin gets, the better! Focus