What are the differences between having a first child and having a second child? These five pictures tell you, it’s too vivid

The same is to meet the arrival of new life, pregnant with the first child and second child difference is more than a little bit. Not only will there be differences in Baoma’s mentality, but also the attitudes of the people around her. < p > < p > Huai Dabao: I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother. The early pregnancy test paper has been tested again and again. When I see the two bars clearly, I can’t wait to tell my husband that they can cry with excitement. After getting the hospital check list, I would like to tell everyone in my family that I’m pregnant. After all, it’s my first time to be a mother. I’m so excited! < p > < p > huaidabao: dare not eat spicy, dare not eat ice, dare not eat crab Even if he is a eater, pregnancy for the sake of the fetus can endure! Strictly in accordance with the pregnancy diet, people say pregnant women can not eat things, it will never touch! < p > < p > < p > when you are nervous about moving a pile of toys and baby products home, you can’t wait to buy them I’m really flustered near childbirth. I’m afraid of pain and danger. In other words, half of the whole third trimester is spent in fear of childbirth. < p > < p > Huaier Bao: they have all experienced a childbirth. Although they will be nervous, they will not be afraid like the first time, because they are familiar with all the processes. < / P > < p > Dabao: he is very careful. He takes care of his children in strict accordance with the book, feeds supplementary food for a few months, learns to walk for a few months, and so on. He is worried that his children will not be able to fall behind. Especially when the child is sick, Baoma is in a hurry, sometimes she can collapse and cry. < / P > < p > er Bao: it’s true that they all say “Da Bao takes care of books and ER Bao takes care of pigs”. Take care of two treasure, treasure mother’s heart is not so tight, more is let it be. < p > < p > yunyun is a senior nursery teacher, focusing on children’s early education, child care, baby psychological development, parent-child growth and other fields. From preparation for pregnancy to pregnancy, to the safe landing of the baby, yunyun grows up with you and your baby all the way. PARRENT&CHILDREN