What are the first aid methods of traditional Chinese medicine that are easy to operate? Quickly transfer to the people in need, and the critical moment works

In daily life, the arrival of accidental injury is always at a loss. If it is not treated in time or the first aid method is not correct, it is easy to cause damage to oneself or other people. Therefore, it is necessary to master some easy to operate Chinese medicine first-aid methods. Then, what are some common Chinese medicine first-aid methods in life?

first of all, especially in the hot summer, air conditioning fans are common in every family. If you accidentally catch cold and other symptoms and cause headache and annoying symptoms, in terms of traditional Chinese medicine, you can generally choose perilla leaf to make tea, about 15g, and slowly brew it with kitchen frying pan, which is also a good treatment method.

in addition, in case of accidents, for example, some people who drown accidentally, generally need the drowning patients to lie prone, and at the same time, their feet should be high and their heads should be low, which is conducive to the drainage of pleural effusion. In fact, this method is also a simple and effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation, because drowning presses the heart and lung, and the water also flows out quickly. This method is also very scientific Learn the truth.

of course, some patients with intestinal obstruction can not be ruled out in our daily life. In general, traditional Chinese medicine enema can make the intestinal tract unobstructed, which can partly avoid the pain of operation.

in addition, when it comes to postpartum hemorrhage of pregnant women, moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine can also be used to help. It depends on the individual’s physical condition. It is not allowed to try on your own. Symptoms such as drinking traditional Chinese medicine, tonifying blood to stop bleeding, dizziness and other symptoms will be reduced, and the puerpera will gradually recover.

Sometimes, for example, when you come to a suddenly cold place, you will have cold toothache symptoms. If you have cold toothache, you can usually use Zanthoxylum bungeanum or clove flower. In addition, there is a kind of toothache grass. If you go to Yandang Mountain or live in this place, you can bite one root to relieve pain.

However, some people who suffer from headache and other symptoms can go to the vegetable market to buy a white radish and drip the radish juice into the nose. Of course, the amount of radish juice can be one teaspoon of juice and two teaspoons of juice, and then drop it into the nose. If you have a headache on the left side, you can drop it on the right side. Similarly, if you don’t know whether you are a left side or a right side migraine, you can all like to drop some. The symptoms of migraine will obviously improve.

if there is someone around you who will accidentally suffer from gas poisoning, you can use warm boiled water to take traditional Chinese medicine, and then use traditional Chinese medicine to clean the stomach and intestines, so that the patient can gradually recover. About three quantities are used to rescue the poisoned person. Finally, if children cough around, if not serious, you can go to the Chinese medicine store to buy some Siraitia grosvenorii, break it off, and drink it with boiling water. Maybe the taste is sweet at first, and you will get used to the taste of traditional Chinese medicine when you drink it slowly.

to sum up, the above are relatively easy to operate. If you need some auxiliary things, such as some traditional Chinese medicine drugs, you can go to the Chinese medicine store to buy them. Now with the improvement of medical level, the first-aid method of traditional Chinese medicine is also used in daily life, and it has a wide range of popular science areas. Of course, don’t forget that according to the different symptoms and diseases of patients, the first-aid method of traditional Chinese medicine is also used more frequently According to the development of the situation, we should choose the first-aid method of traditional Chinese medicine which is suitable for our own needs. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”