What are the small tricks to relieve constipation?

In fact, why is kneading abdomen important? In fact, we western medicine, but also learn from some theories of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, there are only a lot of acupoints on our stomachs. In fact, Sun Simiao, our king of medicine, has a very good suggestion. Knead the abdomen before going to bed. In fact, it means rubbing from the top to the bottom before going to bed. When kneading the abdomen, you can see, he asked to knead 300 times. Of course you’re asleep. It’s OK.

this is very useful for health care. Inspired by his abdominal kneading exercise, in fact, we can combine this exercise with some of our own western medicine intestinal structure, which may play a role in helping defecation.

because we know that the junction between the small intestine and the large intestine is the cecum, and there is an appendix in the cecum. As we all know, appendicitis is in the right lower abdomen, and the ascending colon is on the right lower abdomen. Ascending colon, this place has a curve called liver flexure, then transverse colon, this place has a spleen area, then descending colon, then sigmoid colon.

for example, if you use this abdominal massage exercise. For example, when you get up early in the morning or before you go to bed at night, you can start from the right side and massage in the direction of intestinal peristalsis, and then press several times to the sigmoid colon and rectum.

after research, it is found that such abdominal massage exercise can promote the defecation, so it can partly relieve constipation. You may as well try it. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE