What changes will the body have after cholecystectomy? Doctor frankly: be careful of two sequelae

Gallbladder can store bile, and bile can promote fat digestion, so the role of the gallbladder is not small, its health or not will have a great impact on the digestive system. Gallbladder health, can store and concentrate bile normally, of course, the best, but if the gallbladder has serious lesions, it needs to be removed, after all, to save life is more important. < / P > < p > gallstones and gallbladder polyps are common gallbladder diseases. If the volume of gallstones and polyps is relatively large, and they are still increasing, the function of gallbladder has been seriously damaged, and even has lost its normal function. In such cases, doctors will advise patients to remove the gallbladder, so as not to bring more hidden dangers after a long time. < / P > < p > when many patients hear the doctor say this, they will worry about what bad changes will happen to their bodies after cholecystectomy? The doctor said frankly: the following two sequelae, really need to be careful. < / P > < p > the first sequela is indigestion, which may cause diarrhea. The function of gallbladder has been mentioned at the beginning of the article. When it is intact, it can store gallbladder and condense it. After eating, gallbladder will participate in food digestion, especially fat digestion. After cholecystectomy, although there is still bile, but certainly not the same as before, the amount of bile will be insufficient, not enough digestion. < / P > < p > if the digestion is not well helped, it will cause indigestion. If the fat is not metabolized and digested in time, people are prone to abdominal distension and diarrhea. When they see high-fat and greasy food, they may feel nauseous and their appetite will decrease a lot. In short, it is easy to cause a series of dyspepsia. However, doctors also tell you that this kind of performance is easy to appear after cholecystectomy, and generally will not affect the digestive system for a long time. As time goes on, it will improve a lot and the body will adjust. < / P > < p > the second sequelae is the possibility of bile reflux. The amount of bile is insufficient, how can reflow? When the bile gradually accumulates to a certain degree, it is possible to reflux, after all, the gallbladder has been removed, dysfunction, can not work well. And bile reflux, easy to cause mouth pain, abdominal distension and other discomfort, may also stimulate the gastric mucosa. < / P > < p > although there may be two sequelae after cholecystectomy. If it is not necessary to remove the gallbladder, it can protect the gallbladder. However, if it is really necessary, it is necessary to weigh the weight and remove it in time. Doctors also hope that patients will be relieved, cholecystectomy at the beginning of some impact, but as long as postoperative care, the quality of life and length of life is not too much adverse impact. < / P > < p > after cholecystectomy, doctors suggest that people should pay more attention to their daily diet. As mentioned above, digestion will be affected in the short term. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less high-fat food and reduce fat intake, such as big fish and meat, bone soup, fried food and so on. < / P > < p > the taste of food should be light, and spicy food such as tobacco, wine and pepper should not be eaten. It is suggested to eat more fresh fruit and supplement with vitamin cellulose. In fact, dietary fiber can also promote digestion. < / P > < p > some patients will want to eat more tonic food to supplement their body, but it is not advisable to do so. The total amount of food intake should be properly controlled after operation, and it is not recommended to eat too much, so as not to affect digestion. < / P > < p > to sum up, if it is necessary to remove the gallbladder, it is still necessary to remove it. After cholecystectomy, the above two sequelae may be brought about, but generally it is only short-term, not long-term. There is no need to worry too much. Pay attention to diet adjustment after operation and pay attention to the above points, which can be improved. Focus