What difference does liver bad person and normal person have? It’s very obvious. People with clear eyes can see it at once

Now the number of patients with liver disease is more and more, which is mainly closely related to people’s life. Many wrong habits will lead to liver disease, because the liver plays a very important role in the immune function, which is very important for the body’s immune excretion of toxins. < / P > < p > when the liver is damaged, the human body’s immunity will decline significantly, so this kind of people are more vulnerable to many diseases, there are a variety of adverse reactions, if the liver disease has been ignored, the disease continues to deteriorate, and even lead to the emergence of liver cancer, but the patients with liver damage and healthy people will still have a significant difference The difference is obvious. < / P > < p > most people know that drinking can cause great damage to the liver, so people with poor liver also have obvious differences in drinking compared with normal people. Although everyone’s drinking capacity is different, sometimes they find that a person’s drinking capacity is obviously good, but they will appear drunk without drinking a few glasses. < / P > < p > in case of such abnormal performance, we should be vigilant. When the liver function of the human body is obviously decreased, the metabolism of alcohol by the liver will also be hindered, which will affect the absorption and excretion of alcohol by the human body, and lead to the symptoms of drunkenness. We should go to the hospital in time to check the liver function, so as to avoid the aggravation of liver damage. < / P > < p > the people with poor liver will not only show in the amount of alcohol, but also the pursuit of food for many patients with liver diseases will be greatly reduced, no matter for fresh food or previously favorite food, there will be symptoms of loss of appetite, because the liver is not only involved in the detoxification function of the human body, but also the digestion of the human body needs to be metabolized through the liver Yes. < / P > < p > when the liver function is abnormal, the human body’s food intake will also have a more serious impact, the performance of loss of appetite, of course, climate and other factors will also lead to the symptoms of loss of appetite, but when the human body suddenly long-term performance of loss of appetite, we should pay attention to whether it is because of liver function damage caused by abnormal symptoms, timely treatment Improve treatment to avoid aggravation of the disease. < / P > < p > the symptoms of poor appetite caused by abnormal liver function can also lead to changes in the complexion of the human body. The complexion of normal and healthy people is usually ruddy and glossy, while the patients with liver damage usually have facial sallow, which is not only caused by poor appetite and malnutrition. < p > < p > bilirubin metabolism in the human body is damaged for a long time, which is a neurotoxin produced in the liver. < / P > < p > for example, the appearance of dark and yellow skin has a very serious impact on the mental outlook of the human body. The face of this disease is also called jaundice face, which is an obvious symptom of liver damage. Therefore, when this face appears, it should be checked and treated immediately to prevent the deterioration of the disease. < / P > < p > if the liver is damaged, the human body will have obvious changes different from ordinary people. If this change occurs, it is necessary to timely check to prevent the damage of liver function and avoid the deterioration of liver disease. PARRENT&CHILDREN