What do lean boys need to do to transform into male gods? This knowledge of fitness and muscle enhancement will benefit you

In today’s material life are basically satisfied with the times, life does not worry about food and clothing, to a certain extent, has an impact on people’s body, but some people are very thin, how to eat do not see long meat and muscle, the wind a little bit bigger, always feel that they will be blown away, like the girl’s favorite confession is rejected reason: I do not like too thin boys. In short, thin is not your fault, but you did not use the right method.

today, I’d like to share with you the transformation story of Wang Zhihao, a post-90s fitness expert from Canada. How much has been changed by insisting on fitness and reasonable diet control? With the change of fitness in one year, training five to six times a week and reasonable diet, he has grown from a thin boy to a handsome man, and has greatly changed his temperament and confidence in the whole person. In one year, I didn’t practice except during the epidemic isolation period, and I insisted on going to the gym for the rest of the time. It can be clearly seen that his figure proportion and overall line are much better. The contour of chest and abdominal muscles is prominent, which also highlights the slender face and further modifies the cheek on the basis of the original. It can be seen that a year ago, he was relatively thin, and the proportion of his body was not very coordinated. In a short period of one year, the changes were visible to the naked eye, and many of them were based on persistence.

so the question is, how can thin people build muscle? Thin people have a basic doubt. I eat a lot, but my weight is not long. What’s the matter? The reasons are as follows:

first, the basic metabolism is high. The so-called basic metabolism refers to the state in which people are awake and very quiet, and are not affected by muscle activity, environmental temperature, food, spirit and other factors. For example, if two men take the same amount of food every day, people with high basal metabolism will not get fat, while people with low basal metabolism will get fat easily. This is what we often call obesity prone constitution and lean prone constitution. So we need to add protein and plenty of water and exercise.

the second gastrointestinal digestion is not good. I feel that I can’t eat too much. I haven’t made my own fitness plan, so I can’t eat several meals a day. If the gastrointestinal digestion is not good, I can eat less fried food and greasy food, such as fat meat, fried chicken leg and fried dough sticks. That’s why the following recipes recommend lean meat. Or after eating, you can gently rub your stomach with your hands, which can also help digestion.

third, being picky about food is not only a problem for children, but also for adults. The reason for being picky about food is that they simply don’t like it or some kind of food has made a shadow on themselves. However, as long as they are determined enough, these problems can still be solved. As long as you choose more meat and dairy products, add more protein.

fourth, the irregular work and rest of life, and the reversal of black and white life and rest are basically the norm for young people nowadays. When they are full of energy at night, they are in a daze during the day. Long term staying up late can also lead to hormone imbalance. Try to work and rest on time, coupled with reasonable fitness exercise, physical function will gradually enhance.

combined with the above four points, we need to have some awareness of our own lifestyle, diet and body, and formulate reasonable and scientific fitness diet and work and rest time. The following is the diet recipe of fitness talents. I hope it can help you to embark on the road of masculinity.

weight gain tips: don’t drink too much water and coke before and during meals, because water drinks will occupy the capacity of the stomach, but it’s OK to drink some after meals, so it’s OK to control it reasonably. Want to gain weight friends, carbon water is essential to you, rice and noodles carbohydrate proportion is more. In the morning, afternoon and before going to bed, it’s a good time to add meals. Eating some chocolate, milk, peanuts and walnuts can also help you gain weight silently.

a reasonable diet can make you change your figure. The degree of change is also decided by yourself. It is relatively difficult for a person to change. This requires firm willpower, long-term self-discipline and reasonable planning. It’s not enough just to have determination, but also to let yourself move. The life of self-discipline may be boring, there is no night light, some just sweat in the fitness exercise, for a long time in the past, gradually like the person in front of the mirror. 08/16/2020