What do you dare not eat after pregnancy? Give you a list of “healthy snacks” to avoid greedy

In early pregnancy, pregnant vomiting can’t eat, but it can be eaten in the second trimester. However, some expectant mothers want to eat anything with good appetite. The doctor told the diet control tube to shut down. But in front of the delicious food, those words became “wind in the ear”. However, if you eat too much and you can’t stop talking, you will gain weight. Not only will the expectant mother gain weight, but also some pregnancy syndrome may be caused by weight gain, such as gestational diabetes mellitus and pregnancy induced hypertension < / P > < p > babies may also be overweight. In this case, it is very unfavorable for delivery. Even if cesarean section is accompanied by pregnancy syndrome, the operation risk will be higher than that of the general maternal. < / P > < p > I’ve already had two babies, so I know what’s going on. When I was pregnant, I would stock up some snacks, and often put some in my bag. If I didn’t, I would add some more. As food, I couldn’t treat my mouth badly and hurt my body and my baby. < p > < p > What do you say about “sour and spicy girl”, emmm Just listen to it. Don’t take it seriously, because I have two children, one child and one daughter. I like to eat sour when I’m pregnant. How can I break it? < / P > < p > in the early pregnancy, because of pregnancy vomiting, mothers to be would like to eat something, but they couldn’t help turning their stomach when they smelled it. At that time, I just wanted to eat some sour food. Although I knew that the stomach was full of acid, I still wanted acid. So I bought Ximei. Prunus mume is rich in anthocyanins, antioxidant and anti-aging. Sour and sweet, eat the mood is also very good. But there are also different people. After all, early pregnancy reaction, everyone’s sensitivity is different. Some people eat nothing, and some people may feel sick after eating. But if you want to eat sour food, you can eat a small amount. < / P > < p > choose less additives, because you can’t guarantee that there are no additives in preserved fruit snacks, so you should choose as few as possible, which are suitable for pregnant women, mainly to increase appetite. < / P > < p > because it is an empty stomach, the stomach will feel very uncomfortable, acid regurgitation, nausea and vomiting under the condition of fasting. Therefore, if you are experiencing pregnancy and vomiting, you should not feel disgusted with the “how much to eat” advice from your family, because the more empty your stomach, the more likely you are to vomit. < / P > < p > if you really can’t eat, a few soda biscuits can just neutralize the stomach acid, so that the stomach is no longer in an empty state. In this case, it can play a certain role in relieving. < / P > < p > for the selection of soda biscuits, less oil and less sugar are the key. Some mothers to be can’t smell the oil and feel like vomiting when they smell it. Therefore, they must be less oil and less sugar to prevent gestational diabetes. < / P > < p > coarse grain biscuits are generally sugar free. When you are hungry, you can eat a few pieces of biscuits, so it is suitable for the whole pregnancy. In particular, when the pregnancy check-up, we must prepare some in the bag. In some hospitals, there are many people. Maybe a check-up will take a long time. If you are hungry, you can eat something to relieve the fatigue of your mouth and fill your stomach. It’s very good. < / P > < p > one side is dried fruit, the other side is nuts, a packaging bag, but the middle is separated. So nuts and dried fruits don’t cross taste. And this nut has no additives. < / P > < p > is a kind of snack. It’s best not to eat sesame in early pregnancy, because sesame fragrance is very strong, I’m afraid some pregnant mothers can’t stand it, but after the pregnancy vomiting reaction, believe me, if you don’t hate sesame, you will really fall in love with it. However, black sesame contains minerals and microelements such as vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and so on, so it is a good choice as a nutritional snack. Although the baby’s hair is not affected, but aimed at the mother’s hair quality can play a certain hair care effect. < / P > < p > pregnancy is a period of pain and happiness. Mothers to be should not treat themselves unfairly or indulge themselves too much. They should choose to eat healthily. But at the same time, we should pay attention to the quantity, not too much. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”