What does food of raise stomach have? What food is more nourishing stomach? Digestive doctors tell you in detail!

Hello everyone, I’m Dr. ye: This is the 12th science popularization article of the 100 famous column on nourishing stomach. This column has about 30 popular science articles on gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and stomach nourishing. It mainly teaches you how to maintain the gastrointestinal tract scientifically? How to eat scientifically? What does the food of raise stomach have? How to take omeprazole, Daxi and rebamipide? How to take them scientifically to reduce side effects and adverse reactions? What diseases are chronic superficial gastritis, chronic non atrophic gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal metaplasia? How to maintain and prevent? If you need to know more about the scientific maintenance and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases, please pay attention to “Dr. Ye”. Today, we mainly introduce how to pay attention to diet, which food is more nourishing.

doctor: can I have millet porridge in this situation? Can I have noodles? Why do some people say that porridge nourishes the stomach, and some people think it’s bad to drink too much porridge? Who should I listen to.

in clinical practice, some people say that milk is good, and milk nourishes the stomach. Some people say that every time I drink milk, it is either stomach ache or diarrhea. Milk obviously hurts the stomach! The doctor should drink less milk and ask the doctor to drink more milk. Some people say that I feel very comfortable every time I drink millet porridge, while others say that once I drink millet porridge, it turns sour. Luanban