What does the body show in the early stage of cancer? Doctor’s conclusion: there are seven most obvious symptoms

In the current society, although the continuous development of medical science, has been able to symptomatic treatment of many diseases, but in the face of cancer provocation, we still do not fully grasp to respond. So when many people talk about cancer, they tend to avoid it, because in the eyes of the general public, cancer is a terminal disease. < / P > < p > but everything has a development process. If it can be found in the early stage of cancer, it may be effectively subdued, so as to protect our life and health. Therefore, in daily life, we should pay attention to the following concurrent signals in time, if found, we should go to the hospital for examination and treatment, so as to avoid the further deterioration of the disease. < / P > < p > we have a lot of blood, and diseases need to be reflected through the skin. If one day you find that your birthmark begins to change in size or color, even some nevus begin to appear frequently, and show certain changes. At this point we need to pay attention to the possibility that skin cancer is warning you. You have to do is to the hospital for timely diagnosis, to avoid further deterioration of the disease. < / P > < p > if there is no reason for hemoptysis in a certain period of time, we also need to be aware that lung cancer will give you early warning. Usually, the early stage of lung cancer will be accompanied by a long cough and hoarseness. In addition, in the early stage of gastric cancer, patients will also have some hematemesis or hematochezia problems, so when there is no reason for bleeding, we must pay enough attention to it. Don’t take these signals as trifles. You can better protect your health only by paying attention to them. < / P > < p > when inexplicable pain symptoms appear in the abdomen and chest, it may also indicate the occurrence of changes. Especially when the pain lasts more than a week, we need to be alert to colorectal cancer. If you have obvious dull pain or foot pain around your navel or upper abdomen, it is possible that pancreatic cancer is warning you. What you need to do is to seek medical diagnosis as soon as possible and carry out intervention treatment in time. < / P > < p > in general, the occurrence of breast cancer will have malignant breast hyperplasia lesions, if you touch the breast, you find some unknown lumps, and there will be no pain, you need to consider breast cancer. In addition to breast cancer, when abdominal cancer lesions appear, you may also feel some lumps in the upper abdomen. As long as you have the above symptoms, you must pay enough attention to them. < / P > < p > if you often stay up late, you may feel tired when you get up in the morning. As long as you have enough sleep, you will feel comfortable when you get up the next day. If even if you sleep a whole night, you still have no spirit or tired state, you need to consider it as a precursor of myocardial infarction. < / P > < p > in addition, if you don’t drink a lot of water before you go to bed, but you get up in the morning and you have obvious edema, and you still haven’t effectively eliminated it after a long time, you need to consider the kidney or heart lesions. < / P > < p > when ulcers or wounds do not heal well, it may also be caused by the decline of immunity caused by cancer. Therefore, we should pay attention to the problem of long-term wound healing. < / P > < p > although the public are pursuing the beauty of thin, if there is a problem of severe thin in a short period of time, it may be cancer that is warning you. Because cancer will consume the body quickly, if the patient has no influence of other factors in the short term, it is likely that cancer is at fault. < / P > < p > through the above seven signals, we can timely monitor the early warning of cancer. As long as we accurately grasp these early warning information, we can timely intervene and treat, so as to better protect our health. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore