What does the “first love face” look like?

In contrast, when I was 18 years old, my skin may not be as good as that of Tan songyun now. Now is the season changing period. Usually good skin will get worse if it gets worse. It’s dry and oily, even worse

. Although season changing allergy is not equal to sensitive skin, the focus of skin care is the same for both. Only by repairing and hydrating, can we fundamentally reduce the risk of allergy.

skin redness is a common problem of sensitive muscles, so I have done a lot of homework, and found that red myrrh alcohol & amp; Gingerol, the CP combination, is recognized as the world’s leading soothing and reddening agent. It can calm down the restlessness of the red allergic factor and improve the skin’s immunity ~

I came from lilac doctor and Amway. It is said that it is helpful to relieve dry itching and reddening, and it is also a good doctor in the medical field V has also recommended this professional anti allergy repair cream ~

to repair skin barrier. One of the key components is ceramide. Its principle is well understood: ceramide 3 in the ceramide is consistent with the structure of skin self ceramide, and its skin is easily absorbed. On this point, the cross section cream of the muscle research team is also very well done. The components of Shea and hyaluronic acid, which are contained in the

cream, are recognized as a replenishing tool, and there is a multi-layer protection and replenishment formula, which not only replenish the water but also lock the water, which is much more than the “quick” product of the mask.

minimalist style white glass bottle, texture is like cream ice cream, very delicate! The upper face doesn’t need to be massaged in circles. It can be absorbed by pushing it open with normal lifting and pulling technique. It only needs the size of two soybeans and a thin layer, without thick coating.

after absorption, the skin has a matte texture. It feels moist, but it’s not sticky at all! It is also very friendly to the mixed oil skin. The next day after use, the redness will be improved, and the reddening effect will be strong!

not only can relieve redness, but also has excellent effect of replenishing water and repairing. After 21 days of use, the skin becomes more delicate, smooth and elastic!

autumn is already dry, plus long stay in air-conditioned room is very easy to water shortage, so I will put a bottle of spray in the office, nothing to spray, dry skin instantly drink water ~

Winona home has 3 spray, love purslane spray mist, which contains a high concentration of purslane essence, can quickly relieve dry and red and other discomfort, spray The mist is fine and even, no matter how much it is, it will not form water drops on the face ~

when the skin is itchy and red, use it to spray, and the discomfort on the face will be instantly smoothed ~ the effect is very good, so that the skin will always keep water tender, acne, redness and shut up!

netizens are also very high on the Winona spray. After all, their homes are focused on sensitive muscles, so I am very relieved about the effect. 08/16/2020