What fitness skills do people who can build strong muscles in half a year?

People with fitness experience all know that good fitness skills can promote fitness efficiency, such as: feeling muscle strength, action standardization, super group and other skills, and these skills are also entry-level skills of fitness. When you understand these skills and implement them, it means that your fitness training begins. However, mastering these entry-level skills does not mean that your fitness efficiency will be very high, especially in six months to build strong muscles. In addition to mastering entry-level skills, you also need to master more fitness “other” skills. < / P > < p > as a new fitness person, you often don’t know where to start when you first come into contact with fitness. Although with the understanding of fitness, you learn how to implement the introductory skills, but if you want to improve the efficiency of fitness is not enough, you need to master more fitness skills. < / P > < p > at this time, you can learn more fitness skills from fitness veteran or fitness coach, which is helpful to improve fitness efficiency. When you have a person to assist you in training, or a small partner to make progress together, your progress speed will be very fast. Of course, with the guidance of the fitness God, your fitness efficiency will be higher. < / P > < p > people who keep fit should have heard the saying “three points of practice, seven points of eating”. Diet has a great influence on the fitness effect. If the diet is not well arranged, the fitness efficiency will be very low. In fact, this situation is easy to find in life. In the gym, there are two kinds of people who insist on fitness, but their bodies are obviously different. One is the “fat man” with fat body, and the other is the “thin man” with thin body. < / P > < p > Why are these two bodies the most common? As far as the former is concerned, although these people will insist on fitness training, they don’t shut up and eat indiscriminately, so their fitness efficiency will be very slow and their body will be fat. The latter is the stomach is not good accounted for the majority, how to eat do not eat fat, resulting in weight loss. Especially full a hungry meal, three meals are not healthy people do not want to improve fitness efficiency. < / P > < p > nowadays, most fitness enthusiasts will use five differentiation training methods, such as chest training on Monday, back training on Tuesday, legs training on Wednesday, shoulder training on Thursday, abdomen or arm training on Friday. That is to say, they only practice one part every day, and the parts they practice every day are different. < / P > < p > in fact, this training method is not suitable for fitness novices, because the capacity is particularly large, a part of long-time, high-intensity training can easily lead to injury. Also, if you only practice one part every day, the frequency will be very low, which is not conducive to improving the fitness effect. < / P > < p > therefore, we can try to adhere to the three differentiation training method, such as: chest + shoulders on Monday, back + abdomen on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, back + abdomen on Thursday, chest + shoulders on Friday, and then rest for two days. This training method improves the frequency of the target muscle group, and also improves the fitness efficiency. < / P > < p > although some people have arranged their fitness plans, such as five fitness exercises a week, they choose not to practice because they encounter difficulties in life during the week, such as working overtime without time for training, or being in a bad mood. If the fitness plan is not completed, the fitness efficiency will be low. Therefore, since we have made a fitness plan, we should strictly do it by ourselves and don’t make excuses. Focus