What happened to the first batch of dinks in China? Are they really happy if they don’t have children to support them

DINK refers to couples who have fertility but choose not to have children all their lives. It was first popular among middle-class families in the United States in 1960, and gradually rose in China in the 1980s.

thirty or forty years have passed since the first batch of dinks. Most of the couples who chose DINK at the beginning have already stepped into the pension stage. How are they doing? Are they really happy if they don’t have children to support them?

Mr. Zhang: I’ve retired with my wife this year. I want to find a nursing home to spend some leisure time. However, many nursing homes have said that they need to send people out. I didn’t expect that it is so difficult to raise an old man now.

Granny Wang: at that time, I got married relatively late. After several tests, I still didn’t keep them. Later, I became happy. Now I’ve traveled many places with my wife, and I’m enjoying myself.

Aunt Chen: when I was young, my husband and I were both unswerving dinks. Later, when I got old, I always wanted to adopt one, but my body was getting worse and worse, and the nursing home was busy at ordinary times. However, every new year’s festival, people had children to take over for reunion. Looking at the smoke and fire, my heart was very sour. Alas.

Uncle Wang: a few years ago, my wife left by accident. Sometimes I sit alone for a day. I don’t know what to look forward to in this day. Listening to the noise of the children in the neighborhood, I envy and regret.

Uncle Zhang: I can’t afford to live in a nursing home. When I was young, I didn’t save any money. Now my monthly pension is only about one or two thousand yuan. I’m afraid I’ll get sick again. Last time I fell at home, I was sent to the hospital by my neighbor at night. Alas, what can I do when I’m old.

we can see that DINK’s choice needs to withstand the pressure when he is young and lonely when he is old. However, not everyone can bear it.

among them, some “dinks” feel that they are young and smart, and they are not bad at old age. However, they will find more problems when they are 60 or 70 years old.

in fact, even if the economy is abundant and the quality of life in later years can be guaranteed to a certain extent, we don’t have to live a hard life of “eating one day every day” even if we are not in our 70s or 80s.

but if you save more money when you are young, will the dinks be safe in their old age? People have told you that these are the real problems we need to face.

in old age, people often yearn for the usual warm days in front of the court and the children around their knees. If they have no children and look at other people’s families, they can only stay at the empty door, which inevitably leads to some desolation. Moreover, this kind of psychology tends to become more obvious with the increase of age.

according to the survey data of the center for the elderly, the elderly who live alone in their old age and have no children are generally more likely to have depression and Alzheimer’s disease. And the elderly are prone to insomnia, think more things, more likely to aggravate physical discomfort, accelerate the aging speed.

when people get old, their health will naturally get worse, and people will have misfortune and fortune overnight. If they stay in bed for a long time, not only will the economic cost be relatively high, but the most worrying thing is that no one will take care of them.

many people say that they should hire a nurse. However, recently, there have been frequent incidents of elder abuse by nursing workers and nannies. If there are children, it is even more worrying for the lonely elderly. Moreover, when people are sick, their psychology is often more fragile, and they need sincere care. Nursing workers take money to do things, and it is difficult to comfort the old people’s heart.

what we are taught most now is that marriage and having children can guarantee happiness for the rest of our lives. The DINK people think that as long as they live well in the present, future things are not important.

1. Whether there is adequate pension preparation: in old age, people are more and more helpless. Children and their spouses often can’t fully help them in their old age. The most reliable thing is their own pension savings. Whether it’s savings, insurance or property, it’s the most reliable thing to hold in hand.

2. Have you really thought about it: a lot of people choose Dink, in fact, it is not ruled out that there are following factors. In this case, it is very difficult for witnesses to regret when they are middle-aged, but they miss the best childbearing period and end up with nothing.

in a word, whether it’s getting married and having children or DINK’s whole life, it’s their own choice. Marriage is not necessarily a prison, nor is DINK absolutely lonely. As long as he lives well, he is the best life. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this