“What happened when I quit the parent group?”

Because he often does not reply to the news of the parents group, he suddenly loses control after being called by the teacher. While crying, he explained that he had to work overtime, attend meetings and stare at the children. How could he see that < / P > < p > “the pressure of going to work is very great, and I have to watch what notice the teacher sends. If you reply later, you will be called by the teacher. After class every day, you have to watch the children do their homework. Sometimes, if you don’t care about your children, you are said to be very aggrieved. ” On October 13, there was a school in Zhejiang Province. In order to meet the inspection, parents were required to participate in the cleaning voluntarily. A parent did not see the notice from the group and did not participate in the cleaning. The teacher asked for an interview and was accused of disrespect for the group and the teacher. The parent group was originally designed to facilitate the communication between teachers and parents, but gradually evolved into a “boasting group”. In order to make a good impression of their children in front of the teachers, parents open the mode of praise and gratitude, and there are even behaviors such as “competing for favors”, showing off wealth, quarreling and abusing. Liu, a teacher at a middle school in Beijing, said that when a school notice was sent out among the class’s parents, the parents responded in a “bombing” manner. Because the mobile phone always has a bit of unread information, Mr. Liu felt that he had “fear” on the mobile phone. Chen, a kindergarten teacher in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, spends the most energy every day chasing the children to shoot short videos. “From the time children enter the kindergarten to school, from the classroom to the outside of the classroom, I almost track and shoot. I have to send at least 10 short videos a day to parents to let them know about their children.” In order to avoid the double distress of parents and teachers, schools in many places have begun to set up their own rules. For example, the head teacher stipulates in the group that only school announcements and class notices are issued within the group, and no discussion is made on individual students’ situations in the group. < / P > < p > Dalian No.1 kindergarten is more explicit, and nine regulations are directly set up in the parent group. The communication time between the teacher and the family is specified, and it is specially stated that it is forbidden to send flattering content in the group. < p > < p > on October 26, the Taiyuan Education Bureau issued the document. It is clearly pointed out that it is strictly forbidden to ask parents to correct homework, clean the classroom, praise and forward all kinds of information. In fact, the parent group is only one of the ways to serve the communication between teachers and parents, not the only effective way. Parents and schools should understand each other. Education can never be separated from their close cooperation. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE