What harm does playing mahjong have to the body for a long time?

Now for the Chinese New Year’s festival, we get together and do some entertainment activities for relatives and friends. In fact, in some places, the most common activity is playing mahjong, and some old people especially love to be together, family relationship, communication, and so on. In addition, there are some small gambling activities that we can do.

but, be careful not to be sedentary. What do you mean by sedentary time? I can give you science first. If you sit here for more than 90 minutes, it’s called sedentary, because 90 minutes is the limit. After 90 minutes, you should stand up and walk.

I’ve been sitting for a long time. As you said just now, he played mahjong for 10 hours. Then, it’s winter again. At this time, it’s easy to have some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Because of the fluctuation of emotions and cardiovascular diseases, many people have won the mahjong table. As a result, all of them died of cerebrovascular accidents.

another sedentary, very important old man, after his blood is slow, he is likely to develop venous thrombosis of lower limbs. Lower extremity veins do not exercise after sitting for a long time. When the thrombus grows, you suddenly stand up. It is possible that the thrombus will run into our heart, and the pulmonary artery is the pulmonary embolism, which is a fatal complication.

so there is also the sedentary. As I mentioned just now, sedentary is not good for our digestive tract, which is easy to occur. One is that sedentary is a predisposing factor of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, and another is constipation. Some even sedentary studies have shown that it may have a certain relationship with our intestinal cancer.